The 20th International Conference on Logic Programming 
September 6-10, 2004
Saint-Malo, FRANCE
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Palais du Grand Large
1 quai Duguay Trouin
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Saint-Malo, full of history !

It is difficult to sum up a past so full of adventures as that of the Saint-Malo city. Every corner of every street tells its own story. Just by walking along the ramparts or on the beaches you can imagine the great battles which the "small Saint-Malo community" took part in to preserve the character of this incomparable site. Don't hesitate to visit the numerous museums which tell the great legendary moments of Saint-Malo's history in detail.

From its origins to the Middle Ages...

The town owes is name to a Welsh monk called Maclow. It is said that he travelled for seven years in cold countries among the ice floes, in search of paradise, before landing at Cezembre, on the Emerald coast, around the 7th century. He was welcomed by the hermit Aaron, and he joined the city of Alet, now Saint-Servan, where he became bishop and restored the faith.

In the 12th century, Jean de Chatillon, the bishop, succeeded in relocating the seat of his diocese to the neighbouring rock of Saint-Malo, which is nothing more than a monastic enclosure. He enlarges the cathedral's to sanctuary rights to the whole of the town, whence the massive arrival of a new population of merchants, artisans, ship owners, intrepid sailors and corsairs... From then on, the rebellious and protesting spirit of the people of Saint-Malo sets them apart. They revolted in 1308, and this resulted in the short-lived creation of a free community on the Grand Bé.

The political skills of this people, won them several privileges which were long defended when confronted with the Duke's powers. During the War of Succession in Brittany, in 1394, the city which was opposed to the Duke of Brittany, chose to give allegiance to Charles VI, King of France. For twenty one years it became an French enclave with the statute of a French port, which secured its prosperity. The foundations of the castle date back to this period. The King then gave the city of Saint-Malo back to the Duke Jean V, to thank him for his alliance against the English.

- www.Ville-Saint-Malo.fr
- www.Saint-Malo.com
- www.SaintMaloRing.org

How to get to Saint-Malo ?

Saint-Malo is the main site on the Emerald Coast North of the region of Brittany, sub-prefecture of the Ille-et-Vilaine department (35). Looking towards both the continent and the sea, there is a wide choice of transport available. You can get there quickly and easily:
By Road
By Rail
By Plane
By Sea

By Road :

The A 11 motorway links Paris to Rennes, the capital of Brittany. You can get there in 2 hours 45 minutes. Then a further 45 minutes are enough to reach Saint-Malo by the R.N. 137 (dual-carriageway). Saint-Malo is also on the Estuary Motorway between Normany (Caen in 1 hour 45 minutes) and the South-West (Nantes in 2 hours). The extreme West of Brittany (Brest) is only 2 hours away. The region of Brittany has a very developed network of dual-carriageways and they're free. Take advantage of them !

With France
With Europe
Ville Distance Temps Ville Distance Temps
Bordeaux 511 km 5h00 Berlin 1378 km 13h50
Brest 220 km 2h30 Bruxelles 638 km 6h50
Lille 538 km 5h45 Genève 917 km 6h50
Marseille 1152 km 10h15 Londres 618 km 7h30
Nantes 190 km 2h00 Luxembourg 783 km 7h15
Paris 419 km 3h30 Madrid 1231 km 12h00
Quimper 200 km 2h40 Rome 1782 km 16h00
Rennes 73 km 0h45      
Saint-Brieux 75 km 1h00      
Strasbourg 901 km 8h00      
Toulouse 756 km 7h00      
Vannes 155 km 1h55      

By Rail :

The SNCF has 12 return trains from Paris to Rennes daily (2 hours by high speed link). You can then get to Saint-Malo by the secondary rail network in 45 minutes.

The "Courriers Bretons" (coach service) also do trips from Rennes to Saint-Malo by coach.


By Plane :

The international Rennes/Saint-Jacques airport (45 minutes away by road) ensures flights to 70 European destinations. There are daily links to Paris (1 hour flight).

You can land at least 10 km from Saint-Malo at the local Dinard/Pleurtuit airport. There are direct links to London (Ryan Air), Jersey and Guernsey in less than 1/2 an hour.

There is shuttle transport from the airport to the railway station (centre of Saint-Malo.


By Sea :

The Saint-Malo port has a terminal which can accommodate third generation car-ferries. Leaving England and the Channel Islands there are daily links with Portsmouth, Poole, Jersey, Guernsey, Sark and Weymouth.

Contact : Condor Ferries, Brittany Ferries and Emeraudes Lines.


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