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First French Conference on Operating Systems


French Chapter of ACM-SIGOPS
Organization : IRISA/INRIA-Rennes

June 8-11 1999
IRISA, Rennes, France

In conjunction with
and the 5th Symposium «Architectures Nouvelles de Machines»

News (program page) : program available
News (Rennes'99 site) : registration available

Call For Papers

Authors Guidelines



Program Committee

Organization Committee

Program Chair :
Valérie Issarny (INRIA/IRISA)
Organization Chair :
Anne-Marie Kermarrec (IFSIC/IRISA)
Yolande Berbers(K. U. Leuven)
Andrzej Duda(IMAG)
Jean-Charles Fabre(CNRS/LAAS)
Bertil Folliot(LIP6)
Eric Gressier(CNAM)
Michel Gien(Sun Microsystems)
Paulo Guedes(INESC)
Daniel Hagimont(INRIA/Rhône Alpes)
Valérie Issarny(INRIA/IRISA)
Philippe Joubert(Bull)
Henry Levy(U. Washington)
Pierre Paradinas(GemPlus)
Isabelle Puaut(INSA/IRISA)
Marc Shapiro(INRIA/Rocquencourt)
Jean-Bernard Stefani(CNET)
Valérie Issarny(INRIA/IRISA)
Anne-Marie Kermarrec(IFSIC/IRISA)
Elisabeth Lebret(INRIA/IRISA)
Frédéric Le Mouël(INRIA/IRISA)
Hugues Leroy(INRIA/IRISA)
Pierre Sens(LIP6)

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