Publications 1989-1993

Academic Journals

  1. B. Espiau, F. Chaumette, P. Rives. A new approach to visual servoing in robotics. IEEE Trans. on Robotics and Automation, 8(3):313-326, June 1992. details pdf

Book Chapters

  1. F. Chaumette, P. Rives, B. Espiau. Classification and realization of the different vision-based tasks. In Visual Servoing, K. Hashimoto (ed.), Vol. 7, pp. 199-228, World Scientific Series in Robotics and Automated Systems, Singapore, 1993. details Hal : Hyper Archive en ligne doi pdf

International Conferences

  1. S. Boukir, P. Bouthemy, F. Chaumette, D. Juvin. Real-time contour matching over time in an active vision context. In 8th Scandinavian Conference on Image Analysis, SCIA'93, Pages 113-120, Tromsö, Norway, September 1993. details
  2. F. Chaumette, A. Santos. Tracking a moving object by visual servoing. In 12th IFAC World Congress, Volume 3, Pages 643-648, Sidney, Australia, July 1993. details pdf
  3. S. Boukir, F. Chaumette, P. Bouthemy, D. Juvin. An active robot vision system for real-time 3D structure recovery. In IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles, Pages 139-144, Southampton, UK, April 1993. details
  4. G. Motyl, F. Chaumette, J. Gallice. Coupling a camera and laser stripe in sensor-based control. In 2nd Int. Symposium on Measurement and Control in Robotics, ISMCR'92, Pages 685-692, Tsukuba, Japan, November 1992. details pdf
  5. F. Chaumette, S. Boukir. Structure from motion using an active vision paradigm. In IAPR Int. Conf. on Pattern Recognition, ICPR'92, Volume 1, Pages 41-44, The Hague, The Netherlands, September 1992. details pdf
  6. B. Espiau, F. Chaumette, P. Rives. A new approach to visual servoing in robotics. In Workshop on Geometric Reasoning for Perception and Action, LNCS 708, C. Laugier (ed.), Pages 106-136, Grenoble, France, September 1991. details
  7. F. Chaumette, P. Rives, B. Espiau. The task function approach applied to vision-based control. In 5th Int. Conf. on Advanced Robotics, ICAR'91, Volume 2, Pages 1392-1397, Pisa, Italy, June 1991. details pdf
  8. F. Chaumette, P. Rives, B. Espiau. Positioning of a robot with respect to an object, tracking it and estimating its velocity by visual servoing. In IEEE Int Conf on Robotics and Automation, ICRA'91, Volume 3, Pages 2248-2253, Sacramento, California, April 1991. details pdf
  9. B. Espiau, F. Chaumette. Some issues in the control of rigid robots in a sensory space. In Int. Workshop in Adaptive and Non-Linear Control: Issues in Robotics, Pages 152-171, Grenoble, France, November 1990. details pdf
  10. F. Chaumette, P. Rives. Vision-based-control for robotic tasks. In IEEE Int. Workshop on Intelligent Motion Control, Volume 1, Pages 395-400, Istanbul, Turkey, August 1990. details pdf
  11. P. Rives, F. Chaumette, B. Espiau. Visual servoing based on a task function approach. In 1st Int. Symp. on Experimental Robotics, ISER'89, Pages 412-428, Montreal, Canada, June 1989. details pdf

National Conferences

  1. S. Boukir, P. Bouthemy, F. Chaumette, D. Juvin. Suivi de segment temps réel dans un contexte de vision active. In 2ème Conf. sur l'interface des mondes réels et virtuels, Pages 35-44, Montpellier, France, March 1993. details
  2. F. Chaumette, P. Rives. Modélisation et calibration d'une caméra. In 7ème congrès AFCET Reconnaissance des Formes et Intelligence Artificielle, RFIA'89, Volume 1, Pages 527-536, Paris, France, November 1989. details

Research Reports

  1. S. Boukir, P. Bouthemy, F. Chaumette, D. Juvin. Mise en correspondance de segments dans une séquence d'images par une approche locale. Research Report INRIA, No 1792, October 1992. details
  2. A. Santos, F. Chaumette. Target tracking by visual servoing. Research Report IRISA, No 683, October 1992. details
  3. S. Boukir, F. Chaumette. Reconstruction 3D de primitives géométriques par vision active. Research Report INRIA, No 1722, July 1992. details
  4. B. Espiau, F. Chaumette, P. Rives. A new approach to visual servoing in robotics. Research Report IRISA, No 542, July 1990. details
  5. B. Espiau, F. Chaumette, P. Rives. Une nouvelle approche de la relation vision-commande en robotique. Research Report INRIA, No 1172, March 1990. details
  6. F. Chaumette, P. Rives. Réalisation et calibration d'un système expérimental de vision composé d'une caméra mobile embarquée sur un robot manipulateur. Research Report INRIA, No 994, March 1989. details


  1. E. Marchand, F. Chaumette. Réalisation d'un réseau d'automates pour la reconstruction incrémentale d'une scène 3D. 4ème journées Orasis, pp. 26-29, Mulhouse, France, October 1993. details
  2. V. Sundareswaran, P. Bouthemy, F. Chaumette. Active camera alignment by visual servoing. 4ème journées Orasis, pp. 17-20, Mulhouse, France, October 1993. details
  3. F. Chaumette, P. Rives, B. Espiau. Le torseur d'interaction des informations visuelles. 2e Journées nationales du GRECO-PRC CHM, pp. 465-475, Toulouse, France, January 1991. details
  4. F. Chaumette. Modélisation et calibration d'une caméra pour la vision stéréoscopique en TV 3D. Les journées de Rennes : la télévision en relief, CCETT, Rennes, France, April 1990. details


  1. S. Boukir. Reconstruction 3D d'un environnement statique par vision active. PhD Thesis Université de Rennes 1, Mention traitement du signal et télécommunications, October 1993. details pdf
  2. F. Chaumette. La relation vision-commande: théorie et application à des tâches robotiques. PhD Thesis Université de Rennes 1, Mention informatique, July 1990. details pdf

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