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Responsable: Benoît Caillaud (Inria)

Description en anglais.

The research domain of the Language and Software Engineering Department is the study of software concepts, languages, methods and tools to build safe, secure and efficient software that is operating in dynamic and increasingly unpredictable environments. This field of research has been well established for at least 50 years, with key challenges lying in discovering new ways of decomposing and composing software. This is a never ending quest for modularity mechanisms supporting modular-* (i.e. modular design, modular composition, modular reasoning, modular verification, modular evolution, modular dynamic adaptation, etc.) on many dimensions, such as functional, extra-functional, Timeliness, Safety, Security, QoS, etc.

The recent convergence between embedded systems and distributed systems also induces new challenges in terms of self-management and security, in addition to the traditional issues of efficiency and functional correctness.

The department activities aim at covering several important aspects of software development, from the design of the software using model-driven engineering, to its implementation using modular, component-based and aspect-oriented programming techniques. A particular emphasis is put on the validation techniques (proof, testing, model checking) for the software and on the development of the machine-checked programming tools (compilers, program transformers and analysers) to automate this implementation process.

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    Soutenances thèses/HDR

    Date Type Titre Orateur Lieu
    14 déc 2018 Thèse Certification d’Analyses Non Locales avec une Sémantique Annotée Gurvan Cabon (CELTIQUE) IRISA Rennes - Salle Michel Métivier
    17 déc 2018 Thèse Conception d'architecture de système-de-systèmes à logiciel prépondérant dirigée par le missions Eduardo Alexandre FERREIRA SILVA Université Fédérale du Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) au Brésil. En visioconférence à l'Université Bretagne Sud, salle C011 de l'ENSIBS, Vannes