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Séminaire sécurité des systèmes électroniques embarqués

Vendredi, 15. novembre 2019 - 11:00 - 12:00
Salle Métivier - INRIA Rennes

11h-12h : Shivam BHASIN (Nanyang Technological University)

One Fault Can Go A Long Way


Fault attacks are considered among critical threat to embedded cryptography. This talk will be divided into in two parts. The first part of the talk will explore application of faults on advanced security primitives. We present persistent fault analysis introduced at CHES 2017 and its capability to bypass state of the art fault countermeasures as well as higher-order masking with one and only one fault injection. Further, we present novel exploits in lattice based post-quantum cryptographic primitives with one (or few) faults. The second part of the talk will present, to our knowledge, the first practical combined side-channel and differential fault attacks. With application to bit permutation based ciphers like PRESENT and GIFT, practical attacks exploiting laser fault injection with power side-channel will be presented.


Shivam Bhasin is a Senior Research Scientist and Programme manager (Cryptographic engineering) Centre for Hardware Assurance in Temasek laboratories, Nanyang Technical University (TL@NTU), Singapore since 2015. His research interests include embedded security, trusted computing and secure designs. He received his PhD from Telecom Paristech in 2011, Master’s from Mines Saint-Etienne, France in 2008. Before NTU, Shivam held position of Research Engineer in Institut Mines-Telecom, France. He was also a visiting researcher at UCL, Belgium (2011) and Kobe University, Japan (2013). Shivam also taught hardware security as an Adjunct Professor in IIT, Kharagpur, India (2018). He regularly publishes at top peer reviewed journals and conferences. Some of his research now also forms a part of ISO/IEC 17825 standard.