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Transfer & Research

Marketing research is a way to transfer scientific knowledge, technology, procedures, and skills to the business world. Research also plays a role in developing an area’s socio-economic fabric.

Transferring Research

Finding applications in the business world for scientific and technological research (technology transfer) is a process that gives research a genuine economic impact, and directly or indirectly leads to new or improved products or procedures, launched by existing companies or new ones created specifically to this end.

Beyond the transfer enabled by the training provided by teaching staff, IRISA is also committed to a great many industrial partnerships:

  • Groups in France: EADS, Orange, EDF, Nexter System, Renault, ST Microelectronics, Thales, Technicolor, Alcatel... and more.
  • Foreign Groups: Texas Instr., IBM, Google, Intel, etc.
  • SME: Artefacto, Script & Go, Kereval, Sofrel, Softeam, Telisma, TNI, etc.

Recently, research has led to the creation of several start-ups, such as:

More new projects are also at the incubation stage.

Logo EIT Digital IRISA researchers and teaching staff are also involved in the European program EIT Digital which collects 120 industrialists (Philips, SAP, Siemens, Ericsson, Nokia, Orange, ALU, Thales, D-Telecom, Telefonica, ST MICROELECTRONICS), clusters of companies (in France: the Pole Images et Réseaux, Systematic, Cap Digital, SCS), universities and research centers. Our teams join in this network of excellence to bring to a successful conclusion projects of maturation and collaborative experimentation on a European scale allowing to accelerate and amplify the valorization of the research tasks and the creation of value. IRISA is also the operator of the Center of Colocalisation EIT Digital of Rennes, place of crossing between entrepreneurs, researchers, students and actors of the innovation, strongly connected to the European plan.

In Brittany, the incubator, Emergys ( coordinates most of IRISA’s trustees. It provides support to project creators as they launch new companies (business plan, company type, financial strategy, marketing, communications, etc.).

Technology transfer

Technology transfer companies have a close relationship with academic research, and they are dedicated to bringing the inventions created by research teams to maturity. They handle all prospecting and intellectual property, as well as contractual aspects. They identify the strategy that will bring the invention to market. Technology transfer is a complex process by which academic research is transformed into a practical application for a business or another stakeholder in IRISA’s socio-economic markets. The invention is granted as part of an agreement or licence.

In addition to the technology transfer companies belonging to certain trustees (e.g., IRISA also works closely with SATT Bretagne Valorisation (