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General Organisation

IRISA (Institute for Research in IT and Random Systems) is a Mixed Research Centre (UMR) that unites within a single laboratory the personnel and resources belonging to 8 trustees (see “Trustees” tab)

UMR 6074 IRISA Certification

Because the UMR is a certified social structure, it must be affiliated to research bodies and one or more higher education establishments. These bodies and establishments are generally made up of the employers of the centre’s staff and the owner or manager of the premises. They jointly appoint the director of the centre, whose prerogatives and assignments are set in the UMR creation agreement.

Scientific departments

The UMR is home to 7 different departments... (see “Departments” tab)

• D1: Large Scale Systems
• D2: Networks, Telecommunication and Services
• D3: Architecture
• D4: Language and Software Engineering
• D5: Digital Signals and Images, Robotics
• D6: Media and Interactions
• D7: Data and Knowledge Management



Following approval from the laboratory’s supervisory board, the Director and Assistant Director are appointed jointly by all partner establishments. The management decides how resources provided by the partners will be used to implement the centre’s scientific research.

Assists management decision-making in all matters of scientific policy, resource management, organisation, and centre operations. They play an advisory role.

The centre’s scientific board advises and assists the centre’s director in matters of scientific policy, and the allocation of resources between teams. The board meets regularly under the centre director or assistant director(s), and its members are the scientific department heads.

This committee is responsible for directing research, and analysing the current and future state of research that may be applicable to the centre.

Centre Organisation Chart

PDF iconorganigrammeIRISA_uk-0920.pdf

Last updated : September 2020




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