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Cross-cutting axis: Drones

Drones are at the center of a growing number of applications, whether for surveillance, transportation, search and rescue, aerial photography, agriculture or recreation. These uses are the source of many research questions that are mostly cross-cutting in several scientific fields.

Research activities

The LAGADIC, DIVERSE (ex-TRISKELL), HYBRID and MimeTIC research teams are involved in various research topics as varied as:

  • Development of autonomous navigation techniques based on embedded sensors (essentially camera) and local communications in the case of flights in formation
    Paolo Robuffo Giordano (LAGADIC Team, ANR SenseFly Project)

  • Development of drone flight simulators in 3D environment (IMMERSIA platform)
    Ronan Gaugne (Immersia), Valérie Gouranton and Florian Nouviale (HYBRID Team)

  • Development of integrated cooperative localization methods for drone fleets.
    Vincent Drevelle (LAGADIC Team)

  • Development of a coordination system of drones for cinematographic shooting
    Marc Christie (MimeTIC Team)

  • Drones as mobile sensor nodes in a context of fog computing
    Olivier Barais (DIVERSE Team)
  • Securing drone-drone communications, station-drones
    Gilles Guette (CIDRE Team - Senior Lecturer, ESIR)
  • Emergency response planning
    Noël Plouzeau (DIVERSE Team)

Drones used for experimentation and teaching




drône 3D

3D Robotics
Parrot Drone 2
Parrot AR Drone 2.0

IRISA has a flying arena equipped with a Vicon Motion Capture System funded by the CNRS and Rennes Métropole.

A short presentation video explains how it works: visible on Youtube

The IMMERSIA platform offers immersive 3D room for virtual flight development.

Software platforms

Overview of drone activities at the Inria Bretagne Atlantique Center and Irisa by François Bodin (Irisa) and Vincent Drévelle (Lagadic team) :

We develop software platforms for research and teaching purposes:

Students projects
Teaching with drones

Drone systems are the opportunity for many student projects. For the year 2015-2016 the following projects are proposed:

  • Virtual drone simulator
    Contacts: Ronan Gaugne and Valérie Gouranton
    ronan.gaugne [at] / valerie.gouranton [at]
  • Automatic control for visual servoing of drones
    Contacts: François Bodin
    francois.bodin [at]
  • Video stream analysis for visual servoing of drones
    Contact: Bertrand Coüasnon
    bertrand.couasnon [at]
  • Raspberry connection module for the Jakopter platform
    Contacts: François Bodin & Vincent Drevelle
    francois.bodin [at] / vincent.drevelle [at]

These projects are open. Those interested to learn more about these topics are encouraged to contact the relevant officials.

Drones are also an opportunity to set up scientific mediation actions.

Thus, in collaboration with the Lycée René Cassin in Montfort-sur-Meu (35), we propose a small tutorial to discover programming with a drone.

To know more :

The video of the workshop "Game of Drones: The sound counter-attack" at the science and music day 2016, explains the location of a sound source (here a drone) in space with the help of algorithms. analysis of sound signals.