Published: 03 Dec 2018

Congratulations on the Best paper Award for the Celtique research team and the Best presentation award for the MimeTIC team.

Published: 03 Dec 2018

Mardi 11 décembre de 14h à 15h à l'IRISA, par Julien Rossi, Doctorant contractuel au laboratoire COSTECH de l'Université de technologie de Compiègne (UTC).

Published: 29 Nov 2018

Are you interested in the innovations in the field of distributed systems, and more precisely on the design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of distributed systems, platforms and architectures for computing, storage and communication? Do you want to know more about the latest scientific advances? This concerns you!


Date Title Speaker Place Department
14 Dec 2018 Séminaire sécurité des systèmes électroniques embarqués Ugo MUREDDU et Joël CATHEBRAS Salle Métivier - INRIA Rennes D1

Soutenances thèses/HDR

Date Typesort descending Title Speaker Place Department
18 Dec 2018 Thesis Multimodal anomaly detection in discourse using speech and facial expressions Cédric FAYET (Équipe EXPRESSION) ENSSAT - LANNION - Salle Jacques LE SQUIN (020G) D6
14 Dec 2018 Thesis Certification d’Analyses Non Locales avec une Sémantique Annotée Gurvan Cabon (CELTIQUE) IRISA Rennes - Salle Michel Métivier D4
11 Dec 2018 Thesis Soutenance de thèse de Bryan Pénin (RAINBOW) le 11 décembre à 10h30 en salle Métivier Bryan Pénin Salle métivier
13 Dec 2018 Thesis Analyse probabiliste de protocoles de population Yves MOCQUARD IRISA Rennes - Salle Métivier D2
11 Dec 2018 HDR HDR defence of Johann BOURCIER (Diverse) Tuesday 11th of December at 9am in room Turing-Petri Johann BOURCIER (DIVERSE) IRISA Rennes - Salle Turing-Petri D4

IRISA at the heart of the ICTS


IRISA (Institut de recherche en informatique et systèmes aléatoires), founded in 1975, is a joint research centre for Informatics, including Robotics and Image and Signal Processing. On these themes, Irisa is positioned as the premier research laboratory in Brittany with campuses in Rennes (35), Vannes (56), Lannion (22), and Brest (29).

750 people, 40 teams, 7 departments (Large Scale Systems/Networks, telecommunications and services/Language and Software Engineering/Digital signals and imaging, robotics/Media and communications/Data and knowledge management) explore the world of digital sciences to find applications in healthcare, ecology-environment, cyber-security, transportation, multimedia, and

With 8 trustees (CentraleSupélec, CNRSENS RennesInriaINSA RennesInstitut Mines-TélécomUniversity of Southern Brittany (UBS), University of Rennes 1), IRISA forms a research cluster of excellence in the domain of Digital Sciences, with scientific priorities that include bioinformatics, software and system security, new software architectures (from IoT to Manycores and Cloud computing), and virtual reality.