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Two Best paper award to the Adopnet team for work on immersive content delivery

Under Gwendal Simon's outstanding, Hristina Hristova, post-doctoral fellow and Xavier Corbillon, PhD, received two best paper awards for their publications in prestigious international conferences. These awards recognize independent contributions in the field of multimedia content delivery on the Internet, including devices for immersing oneself in 360-degree filmed omnidirectional content.


awardcorbillon.jpgThe first prize was obtained at the ACM MultiMedia System (MMSys), which took place in Amsterdam from June 12 to 15, 2018. Xavier Corbillon presented his work on full immersion inside a Virtual Reality scene applications where the user is allowed to perform translational and rotational movements within the virtual space. In this paper Xavier Corbillon study a multi-viewpoint 360-degree video streaming system, where a scene is simultaneously captured by multiple omnidirectional video cameras.
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awardHristina.JPGThe second prize was awarded at the IEEE Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP) conference held in Vancouver from September 1-3, 2018. Hristina Hristova presented her work on the preparation of omnidirectional videos in which part of the content is deliberately degraded to minimize the bandwidth required to broadcast the video.
Read the franch article on IMT Atlantique website