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IEEE HAPTICS 2020 : awards for RAINBOW & HYBRID teams !

Awards IEEE HAPTICS 2020

Congratulations to

  • Rahaf Rahal (PhD student, Université de Rennes 1, RAINBOW)
  • Thomas Howard (PostDoc CNRS, RAINBOW)
  • Guillaume Gicquel (Engineer, CNRS)
  • Giulia Matarese (M2 student, RAINBOW)
  • Steeven Villa (M2 student, RAINBOW)
  • Xavier de Tinguy (PhD student, INSA, HYBRID)
  • Maud Marchal (MdC, INSA, RAINBOW)
  • Paolo Robuffo Giordano (DR2, CNRS, RAINBOW)
  • Anatole Lécuyer (DR1, Inria, HYBRID) 
  • Claudio Pacchierotti (CRCN, CNRS, RAINBOW)

as well as to the other authors, who received multiple awards at the conference IEEE HAPTICS 2020.


Best IEEE Transactions on Haptics Short Paper - 
First Honorable Mention

R. Rahal, G. Matarese, M. Gabiccini, A. Artoni, D. Prattichizzo, P. Robuffo Giordano, C. Pacchierotti. “Caring about the human operator: haptic shared control for enhanced user comfort in robotic telemanipulation ”. IEEE Trans. Haptics, 13(1):197-203, 2020.


Best IEEE Transactions on Haptics Short Paper
 - Second Honorable Mention

S. Villa Salazar, C. Pacchierotti, X. De Tinguy, A. Maciel, M. Marchal. “Altering the Stiffness, Friction, and Shape Perception of Tangible Objects in Virtual Reality Using Wearable Haptics ”. IEEE Trans. Haptics, 13(1):167-174, 2020.


Best Video Presentation - 
Honorable Mention

T. Howard, M. Marchal, A. Lécuyer, C. Pacchierotti. “PUMAH : Pan-tilt Ultrasound Mid-Air Haptics for larger interaction workspace in virtual reality ”. IEEE Trans. Haptics, 13(1):38-44, 2020.

The authors thank G. Gicquel for his help in making this video presentation.


The full event is available at  :