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Elisa Fromont, appointed junior member of the IUF

EFromont-copyrightUR1DirComJLB.jpeg Congratulations to Elisa Fromont, full professor at the Université Rennes 1 and member of IRISA (LACODAM research team), who has just been appointed junior member at the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF).

This appointment recognizes and supports the excellence of its research activity, a recognition emanating from a qualified and independent international jury.
© crédit photo : UR1/DirCom/JLB

Elisa’s project is about bridging the gap between the data mining (in the broad sense that includes machine learning) algorithms and their (possibly non data scientist expert) end-users by providing methods to increase the interpretability of the decisions and results provided by these algorithms. She will focus on two particular data mining approaches: pattern mining and (deep) neural networks. The proposed approaches will be mainly applied to anomaly detection in temporal data which is the topic of most of her current funded projects.

Elisa professional web page


* About the Institut Universitaire de France.
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