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Congratulations to Iscen Ahmet

On Friday 6 April, during the Doctor Honoris Causa ceremony and the graduation ceremony for the 2017 class, the winners of the Rennes 1 Foundation thesis prizes were also honoured.

Congratulations to Iscen Ahmet, PhD student in the Linkmedia team, who has been awarded by the Rennes 1 Foundation for his thesis "Continuous memories for representing sets of vectors and image collections", 1st Prize of the Rennes 1 Foundation of the Maths/STIC research sector.

The Rennes 1 Foundation "Progresser, Innover, Entreprendre" aims to bring the University of Rennes 1 closer to business to promote innovation and socio-economic development. Each year, it awards a 1st prize and a 2nd prize thesis prize for each research sector at the University of Rennes 1 to work with the highest potential for innovation and/or technology transfer.