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Coffee Tic : a privileged moment of exchanges with Romain THOMAS

COFFEE TIC, from research to business: the transformation of knowledge

Wednesday January 9th from 12:30 to 13:30, come to discover, discuss and share with Romain THOMAS, CEO and Cofounder at Askelys, around a buffet
Co-working Space CLC EIT Digital,
2nd floor PNRB (bât. 9B).

RomainThomas.jpgAfter an initial career in public research, Romain THOMAS successively held the positions of R & D manager in SMEs, and following that he occupies the role of  Business Manager at Orange. After 8 years devoted to Technology Transfer as a Valuation Officer, within Bretagne Valorisation first and then Ouest Valorisation for the last 5 years, his career has naturally led to the creation of a company. He and his partner, Marc ELUARD, have committed to the economic enhancement of the Sparklis technology (from the IRISA laboratory), through the creation of the company Askelys, currently incubated by Emergys. The Askelys project aims to promote Sparklis technology, from the IRISA laboratory and developed by Sébastien FERRE. The goal of this project is to democratize access to databases, by offering the possibility to any user, whatever it is, to be able to navigate, search and explore all types of bases, without any particular training and without knowledge in computer science.


Wednesday January 9th, from 12:30 to 13:30
Co-working space CLC EIT Digital
Builing 09B, PNRB, 2nd floor

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