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Once again this year, IRISA is taking part in the Fête de la science in Rennes

Let's meet from 03-10 October
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How did our ancestors walk?

When the research team Mimetic is interested in paleoanthropological issues related to bipedalism. Discover the ANR HoBis research project.
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Two people slipped into the same body . . . virtually!

The experience is unprecedented. So much so that it has led to the invention of a word: co-incarnation.

How to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees with the help of digital technology?

This is the ambition of the European project NADINE with the involvement of Damien Lolive, Arnaud Delhay and Gwénolé Lecorvé ...
Logos Ars Electronica et Immersia sur fond extrait de "Creative Harmony"

IRISA joins the ARS ELECTRONICA Festival in an artistic performance "CREATIVE HARMONY"

IRISA's expertise at the heart of the work of art "CREATIVE HARMONY" at the Festival Ars Electronika*, it is to be discovered this weekend in streaming.
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Concentration d'un gardien de but. ©iStockPhoto

How to improve the attention of goalkeepers?

Front-page article of the CNRS journal. Research work carried out in collaboration with, among others, the HYBRID and MIMETIC research teams.
Awards & nominations
Best Paper Award Linkmedia B.Bonnet - IH & MMSEC

Best Student Paper Award in the Linkmedia Research Team

Congratulations to Benoit Bonnet (Ph.D. student, Université Rennes 1) from the LinkMedia research team.
Awards & nominations
Portrait de Hakim Si-Mohammed pour son 1er prix de thèse 2019 décerné par la Fondation Rennes1

1st Thesis Prize Fondation Rennes 1 for Hakim Si-Mohammed

Congratulations to Hakim !