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How did our ancestors walk?

When the research team Mimetic is interested in paleoanthropological issues related to bipedalism. Discover the ANR HoBis research project.
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Two people slipped into the same body . . . virtually!

The experience is unprecedented. So much so that it has led to the invention of a word: co-incarnation.

How to facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees with the help of digital technology?

This is the ambition of the European project NADINE with the involvement of Damien Lolive, Arnaud Delhay and Gwénolé Lecorvé ...
Logos Ars Electronica et Immersia sur fond extrait de "Creative Harmony"

IRISA joins the ARS ELECTRONICA Festival in an artistic performance "CREATIVE HARMONY"

IRISA's expertise at the heart of the work of art "CREATIVE HARMONY" at the Festival Ars Electronika*, it is to be discovered this weekend in streaming.
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Concentration d'un gardien de but. ©iStockPhoto

How to improve the attention of goalkeepers?

Front-page article of the CNRS journal. Research work carried out in collaboration with, among others, the HYBRID and MIMETIC research teams.
Awards & nominations
Best Paper Award Linkmedia B.Bonnet - IH & MMSEC

Best Student Paper Award in the Linkmedia Research Team

Congratulations to Benoit Bonnet (Ph.D. student, Université Rennes 1) from the LinkMedia research team.
Awards & nominations
Portrait de Hakim Si-Mohammed pour son 1er prix de thèse 2019 décerné par la Fondation Rennes1

1st Thesis Prize Fondation Rennes 1 for Hakim Si-Mohammed

Congratulations to Hakim !
©Photo Inria Rennes

The virtual reality at the service of the rehabilitation of patients with Covid-19

What if virtual reality could help the rehabilitation of patients with Covid-19 in intensive care? This is what the Hybrid research team, and the teams from the intensive care and physical and rehabilitation medicine departments of Rennes University Hospital
Logo Journées Européennes de l'Archéologie 19 20 21  juin 2020

When IRISA combines the past with the future

As archaeological remains are fragile witnesses to be analyzed, interpreted, preserved and valorized, discover on the occasion of the European days of archaeology, the multiple innovative digital approaches in this field ... Valérie Gouranton (associate professor INSA) coordinator of the ANR-FRQSC INTROSPECT project and Ronan Gaugne (research engineer), members of the Hybrid research team. From [..]
Expo de momie d'un chat et sa représtation 3D (en arrière plan)

When science mixes with archaeology ...

An astonishing discovery, to say the least, on a 2500 year old Egyptian cat mummy, which will fuel an international collaboration, one of the results of which can be seen at the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes...
Personne dans un fauteuil équipée d'un masque de réalité augmentée

Piloting the house connected by the brain

Can we turn off the light or zap from one TV channel to another simply by brain activity? As part of its research platform on the connected home, Orange Labs is beginning to explore the potential of neural interfaces...
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Drapeau breton dans une bulle de dialogue

When research seeks to preserve and popularize the Breton language ...

Could you imagine a voice that would be able to transcribe a text in the right pronunciation and intonation in Breton?