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  RENNES (35), VANNES (56), LANNION (22), BREST (29)

RENNES Site (35)


Getting here

IRISA Rennes
Campus de Beaulieu, 263 avenue du Général Leclerc
35 042 RENNES cedex

Entry by building IRISA/Inria 12 F, allée Jean Perrin
Tel : +33 (0)2 99 84 71 00

 All visitors must go to reception with a valid ID.

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Plan IRISA Rennes

Par voitureGPS coordinates: 48.116336, -1.639845

Par AvionNearest airport

Nearest airport is Rennes Saint-Jacques ( The easiest way to get to IRISA from the airport is to take a taxi (around €30)

Rennes by train

A number of trains stop in Rennes (

Par BusPublic transport

To get to IRISA from the train station, take the bus ( The closest bus stop to IRISA is “Tournebride” on lines C4 and 6.
Route from "Tournebride" bus stop to IRISA in satellite view.

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VANNES Site (56)


Getting here

Bâtiment ENSibs, Campus de Tohannic – Rue Yves mainguy – BP 573
56000 VANNES cedex
Tel : +33 (0)2 97 01 72 35

Getting to the Vannes Site:

Accès au Campus de Tohannic (Vannes)

Tohannic Campus Map:

Plan du Campus de Tohannic (Vannes)


Par voitureGPS coordinates: N 47.64504  W 2.74852 

By road, from Lorient:
- exit the expressway via exit valves Wes
take direction Vannes South, Parc du Golfe, Conleau
- take the bridge by Kerino, then at the second roundabout (circle of Arcal), turn left
- then the first street on the right (rue Yves Mainguy)

By road from Rennes:
- exit the expressway via exit Lorient-Nantes then take exit ZI du Prat

- at the 2nd roundabout (which crosses a railroad, before Bic), follow direction UBS/ENSIBS
- continue following the ENSIBS direction, crossing 9 roundabouts (3.9 km)

- at the 10th (pivot point of Arcal) roundabout, turn right
- then first street on the right (rue Yves Mainguy).

By road, from Nantes:
- exit the expressway exit Séné - Vannes East
- take the valves to the roundabout of Poulfanc then Séné
- after fires, at the roundabout, take direction valves West/PIBS in borrowing avenue F. Mitterrand.
- at the 3rd roundabout (circle of Arcal), turn right
- then first street on the right (rue Yves Mainguy).


Par AvionNearest airport

Airport of Lorient: Aéroport de Lorient Bretagne Sud - Lann Bihoué (62 km)

Vannes by train

A number of trains stop in Vannes (

Par BusPublic transport

By bus, from the train station (Kicéo): take the bus number 6 (direction CCIM) and alight at PIBS2 (in front of ENSIBS): 15 stops.

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LANNION Site (22)


Getting here

6 Rue de Kerampont – BP 80518
22305 LANNION cedex
Tél. +33 (0)2 96 46 90 00

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vignette plan Lannion



Par voitureGPS coordiantes: 48.729634, -3.462423

Par AvionAéroport de Lannion, Route de Trégastel - 22300 Lannion
Information: +33(0)296 058 222 or
The easiest way to get to IRISA-ENSSAT from the airport is to take a taxi (€12 by day and €15 at night).

Many trains stop in Lannion (

The quickest way to get to IRISA-ENSSAT from the train station is on foot:
1/Go along Allée Georges-Clémenceau – exit the station to the left – opposite the cinema.
2/ At the roundabout, go straight on for 167 m.
3/ At the second roundabout, go left down the Rue de l'Hôpital and continue for 177 m.
You will arrive in front of the IRISA-ENSSAT.

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BREST Site (29)


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Télécom Bretagne - Technopôle Brest-Iroise - CS 83818
29238 BREST cedex 3

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Situation dans Brest


Par voitureGPS coordinates:  N 48.3597° - W 04.5705°

Par AvionNearest airport

Aéroport Brest Bretagne - 29 490 Guipavas
Tel : 02 98 32 86 00

The taxi ride from Brest Bretagne airport takes 30 - 40 minutes to get to the establishment, and costs around €35 one way.

Shuttle: a shuttle service connects the airport to the terminus of the Porte de Guipavas tram line. Take the tram towards “Porte de Plouzané” and alight at Liberté (if heading to Brest city centre) or (if you are heading straight to Télécom Bretagne) Fort Montbarey where you can take the bus lines 2 or 13 to  Plouzané Technopôle (terminus of line 2). 

For €1.35, your ticket is valid for one hour on the Bibus network (shuttle, tram, bus).

Brest by train

A high speed train line connects Brest to Paris-Montparnasse (via Rennes).
Other direct connections include Lyon and Bordeaux. A number of trains stop in Brest (

The taxi ride from Brest train station takes 20-30 minutes to get to the establishment, and costs around €20 one way.

Par BusPublic transport

  • Direct bus line from the train station to Télécom Bretagne:
    Take the line 2 from Gare SNCF, towards Brest Technopôle and alight at the terminus Plouzané Technopôle.
  • Tram and bus:
    If you prefer to travel bytram and busfrom the train station:
    • Head to Place de la Liberté:
      • on foot (if your luggage allows): leave the train station by the pedestrian walkway, all the way along. At the end, head right on the Avenue Georges Clémenceau, and after a 5 minute walk you are there;
      • Or takeline 1 (towards Brest Provence) or 2 (towards Hôpital Cavale),
    • then take the tram (towards Porte de Plouzané), alighting at "Fort Montbarey"
    • then take the bus line 2 or 13 to Plouzané Technopôle (line 2 terminus) 

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