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Xiao BAI
PhD Student

Postal address:  IRISA/INRIA-Rennes
Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu. 35043 Rennes Cedex, FRANCE
Room:  F-337
Phone:  +33 2 99 84 22 95
Fax:  +33 2 99 84 71 71
E-Mail:  xbai@irisa.fr

Short biography

Since October 2007, I have been preparing my PhD under the supervision of Anne-Marie Kermarrec and Marin Bertier. Before joining the research group ASAP, I obtained my Master’s degree in Xi’an Jiaotong University in China.

Research interests

  • Collaborative filtering and personalized query processing
  • Large-scale P2P overlay networks and distributed algorithms
  • Social network analysis
  • Small world networks

Current research activities

I’m working on the GOSSPLE project which aims at providing a fully decentralized system leveraging the affinities among users and data to navigate the Internet.
My research focuses on the personalized query processing in collaborative tagging systems.

Publications list

Transactions and Journals: 2 Conferences: 3

Transaction and Journal


  • Xiao Bai, Arnaud Jégou, Flavio Junqueira, Vincent Leroy. DynaSoRe: Efficient In-Memory Store for Social Applications. David Hutchison; Takeo Kanade; Jon M. Kleinberg; Friedemann Mattern; John C. Mitchell; Moni Naor; Oscar Nierstrasz; C. Pandu Rangan; Bernhard Steffen; Madhu Sudan; Demetri Terzopoulos; Doug Tygar; Moshe Y. Vardi; Gerhard Weikum; David Eyers; Karsten Schwan; Josef Kittler. 14th International Middleware Conference (Middleware), Dec 2013, Beijing, China. Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, LNCS-8275, pp.425-444, 2013, Middleware 2013. 〈10.1007/978-3-642-45065-5_22〉.
  • Xiao Bai, Marin Bertier, Rachid Guerraoui, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Vincent Leroy. Gossiping Personalized Queries. 13th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, Mar 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland. 2010.