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Teaching Material

Final Exam

The list of papers for the final exam is available at the addresses below.



Each of you will have to select one paper. To make it easier, We ask each of you to send us a  list consisting of three papers in order of preference. We will reply and confirm your choice. The earlier you email us, the more likely we will honor your top choice. Then the exam will consist in the following.

  • You will have to write a report on the selected paper. The report will be in the form of a critical summary. At the very least, it should make clear that you have understood the content of the paper. Then, you should do your best to identify links between the paper and the content of the course as well as provide relevant comments on the material presented in the paper. Your comments may highlight factual errors, presentation issues, but even better they can be constructive and propose extensions to the work presented in the paper.
     Please submit your report no later than midnight on Wednesday, March 15, 2017
  • You will have to give a talk presenting the paper and your report. The talks will take place on Thursday March 16 from 2pm to 6.15pm. Each talk should last 15 minutes and will be followed by a few minutes of questions.
  • Students attending the talks are invited to ask questions at the end of the talk. The relevance of the questions will also be part of the evaluation.

Instructions for the report and exam

You should hand in your report in electronic form (preferably pdf) by sending it to: davide.frey@inria.fr and to Gabriel.Antoniu@inria.fr no later than Wednesday March 15. Your email shall include the string: SDSEIT2017-Exam in the subject field. The length of the report should be of 3 or 4 single-column pages. There are no specified margins or font size, but please use good judgement.

For fairness, we will determine the order of the presentation during the sessions. In addition, you are all required to attend all talks as you will be evaluated not only on your talk but also on the questions you ask during the others.

To ensure a smooth exam process, please send your slides to both of us the day before the exam, i.e. by 11:59pm on Wednesday March 15. As above, include the string: SDSEIT2017-Exam in the subject field. You can send a single email for report and slides.

Evaluation criteria

Both your report and your presentation should demonstrate that you have understood the contributions set forth in the paper you selected, its technical details, but also its deficiencies and possible improvements. Be critical and constructive, and try to relate the paper with what you learned during the course.

To summarize, we will evaluate you according to the following criteria.

– the quality and clarity of your written report.
– the quality and clarity of your slides
– the quality and clarity of your presentation.
– your ability to answer questions properly
– the questions you will ask during other students’ presentations.

Good luck!