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Short Bio

I’m currently a Research Engineer in computer science at INRIA Rennes. During my Ph.D. at  INRIA ATLAS-GDD team (University of  Nantes) — where I had the pleasure of working with Patrick Valduriez and Philipe Lamarre –, I worked on distributed query processing in large-scale systems. Before my Ph.D i worked at INRIA ATLAS-GDD team with Patrick Valduriez and Reza akbarinia on distributed collaborative systems, data replication and reconciliation.

Research Interests

  • Distributed data management
  • Large scale data analysis (MapReduce/Spark)
  • Top-k and skyline queries processing
  • Machine Learning

Active Projects

Past Projects



International Conferences

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Technical  Reports

  • Tlili, W. K. Dedzoe, E. Pacitti, R. Akbarinia, P. Valduriez. P2P Logging and Timestamping for Reconciliation, INRIA technical report number 6497, March 2008
  • H. Kadima, S. El Chaada, E. Lecolinet, K-P. Maalej, G. Canals, W. K. Dedzoe, J. Maire, P. Molli, E. Pacitti, M. Tlili, P. Valduriez, A. Laprévoté, L. Dubost, S. Laurière, V. Massol, R. Pelagalli. Xwiki Concerto : Document d’architecture et de spécifications, Livrable L5, Mars 2008
  • G. Oster, J. Maire, G. Canals, C.-L. Ignat, M. Tlili, W. K. Dedzoe et al. XWiki Concerto:Rapport d’implantation, Livrable L7, Septembre 2008