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Latest in ASAP

The following two papers by ASAP members have been accepted at the 17th IFIP International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS 2017):
  • "Scalable Anti-KNN: Decentralized Computation of k-Furthest-Neighbor Graphs with HyFN" by Simon Bouget, Yérom-David Bromberg, François Taïani and Anthony Ventresque
  • "Filament: a cohort construction service for ...
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Registration is open for the International Workshop on Distributed Computing in the honor of Michel Raynal May 5 2017, 8h30 - 17h30 - IRISA - Inria Rennes, Rennes France https://project.inria.fr/iwdcmr2017/ Attendance is free, but registration by April 24 is compulsory http://gipco-adns.com/site/5921/iwdcmr+may+5+2017-registration+form After an academic career spanning more than four decades, ...
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(French version below) You are cordially invited to attend the PhD defense of Stéphane Delbruel that will be held on January 27, 2016 at 14:00 in room Métivier and for a drink in room Sein. Jury members: Romain Rouvoy, Professor at the University of Lille Danny Hughes, Professor at the ...
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We are pleased to welcome this week Etienne Rivière from the University of Neuchâtel (Switzerland). He will give a talk on Wednesday, January 18 at 16:30 in room Crête (F402, red level). Title: Efficient confidentiality preservation for cloud-supported 
content-based publish/subscribe Abstract: Content-based publish/subscribe is an appealing paradigm for composing dynamic ...
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(French version below) You are cordially invited to attend the PhD defense of Javier Olivares that will be held on December 19, 2016 at 14:30 in room Petri-Turing and for a drink in room Minquiers. Jury members: Pierre Sens, Professor, University of Paris 6 Sébastien Monnet, Professor, University of Savoie ...
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The Association for Computing Machinery has named Anne-Marie Kermarrec as ACM Fellow for her contributions to large-scale distributed computing ...
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(French version below) Note: A video recording of the defense as well as the slides of the presentation can be found here. You are cordially invited to attend the thesis defense of Nupur Mittal that will be held Friday November 25, 2016 at 14:30 in room Petri-Turing and for a ...
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About ASAP Research

Our research activities range from theoretical bounds to practical protocols and implementations for large-scale distributed dynamic systems to cope with the recent and tremendous evolution of distributed systems. Effectively we observed huge evolutions:

  • Scale shift in terms of system size, geographical spread, volume of data
  • Dynamic behavior due to versatility, mobility, connectivity patterns

These characteristics lead to a large amount of uncertainty. Mastering such uncertainty is actually our goal.



We aim at providing a wide range of applications (from content delivery networks to sensors networks, from backup systems to voice over IP, from publish-subscribe systems to genomic databases). We focus our research on two main areas: information management and dissemination. We believe such services are basic building blocks of many distributed applications in two networking contexts: Internet and wireless sensors. These two classes of applications, although exhibiting very different behaviors and constraints, clearly require scalable solutions. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need to tackle the issues both along the theoretical and practical sides of scalable distributed computing and ASAP will be organized along the following themes:

Models and abstractions: dealing with dynamics Participants: Michel Raynal, Marin Bertier, Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Dealing with Internet-scale resource management Participants: Anne-Marie Kermarrec

Data management in wireless self-organizing networks Participants: Marin Bertier, Anne-Marie Kermarrec