Publications of year 2017
Books and proceedings
  1. Karell Bertet, Daniel Borchmann, Peggy Cellier, and Sébastien Ferré, editors. Formal Concept Analysis: 14th International Conference, ICFCA 2017, Rennes, France, June 13-16, 2017, Proceedings, LNAI10308, 2017. Springer. [doi:10.1007/978-3-319-59271-8] Keyword(s): formal concept analysis. [bibtex-entry]

  2. Peggy Cellier, Thierry Charnois, Andreas Hotho, Stan Matwin, Marie-Francine Moens, and Yannick Toussaint, editors. Proceedings of the Workshop on Interactions between Data Mining and Natural Language Processing, DMNLP 2017, co-located with the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, ECML-PKDD 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, September 22, 2017, volume 1880 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2017. [WWW] [bibtex-entry]

Articles in journal or book chapters
  1. Sébastien Ferré. Sparklis: An Expressive Query Builder for SPARQL Endpoints with Guidance in Natural Language. Semantic Web: Interoperability, Usability, Applicability, 8(3):405-418, 2017. [WWW] [doi:10.3233/SW-150208] Keyword(s): semantic search, SPARQL endpoint, query builder, faceted search, natural language. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

Conference articles
  1. Guillaume Aucher, Annie Foret, JeanBaptiste Lenhof, Olivier Ridoux, Francois Schwarzentruber, and al.. Principles for a judgement editor based on Multi-BDDs. In MIning and REasoning with Legal texts at ICAIL, London, 2017. [WWW] [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  2. Alexis Chauvet and Annie Foret. Systèmes d'information pour les chercheurs en droit. In Colloque CDN, Convergences du droit et du numérique, Bordeaux, 2017. [WWW] [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  3. Fabien Chevalier and Sébastien Ferré. Entering the Digital Customer Onboarding Era: How the Semantic Web Can Help. In N. Nikitina, D. Song, A. Fokoue, and P. Haase, editors, Posters & Demonstrations and Industry Tracks at Int. Semantic Web Conf., volume 1963 of CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2017. [PDF] Keyword(s): semantic web. [bibtex-entry]

  4. Shridhar B. Dandin and Mireille Ducassé. Compact Visualization of Database Tables: Experimenting with Cricket Players Data. In 3rd International Conference on Communication System, Pilani, India, Short paper, 2017. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  5. Sébastien Ferré. Concepts de plus proches voisins dans des graphes de connaissances. In 28es Journées francophones d'Ingénierie des Connaissances (IC), pages 163-174, 2017. [WWW] [PDF] Keyword(s): semantic web, knowledge graph, nearest neighbours, concept. [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  6. Annie Foret. Traitement automatique des langues, données légales, systèmes d'information et logique. In Atelier CDN, Convergences du droit et du numérique, Bordeaux, 2017. [WWW] [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  7. Clément Gautrais, Peggy Cellier, René Quiniou, and Alexandre Termier. Topic Signatures in Political Campaign Speeches. In , pages 2342-2347, 2017. [WWW] [doi:10.18653/v1/D17-1249] [bibtex-entry]

  8. Clément Gautrais, René Quiniou, Peggy Cellier, Thomas Guyet, and Alexandre Termier. Purchase Signatures of Retail Customers. In Jinho Kim, Kyuseok Shim, Longbing Cao, Jae-Gil Lee, Xuemin Lin, and Yang-Sae Moon, editors, Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Cham, pages 110-121, 2017. Springer International Publishing. [WWW] [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  9. Pierre Maillot, Sébastien Ferré, Peggy Cellier, Mireille Ducassé, and Franck Partouche. Nested Forms with Dynamic Suggestions for Quality RDF Authoring. In Int. Conf. Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA), pages 35-45, 2017. [WWW] [doi:10.1007/978-3-319-64468-4_3] Keyword(s): semantic web, RDF, knowledge acquisition, form, data quality. [bibtex-entry]

  1. Annie Foret. Logical Information Systems for Linguistic Data: TermLis, 2017. [WWW] [PDF] [Abstract] [bibtex-entry]

  2. Hedi-Théo Sahraoui, Pierre Holat, Peggy Cellier, Thierry Charnois, and Sébastien Ferré. Exploration of Textual Sequential Patterns, 2017. [bibtex-entry]

  3. Sébastien Ferré. Sparklis: An Expressive Query Builder for SPARQL Endpoints with Guidance in Natural Language. Note: Poster and demo at SEMANTiCS 2017, Amsterdam, 2017. [bibtex-entry]



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