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Speech synthesis group
  • Speech synthesis
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning


Sébastien Le Maguer rewarded by the Best PhD prize from Innovation Trégor (November, 2013)

The prize Innovation Trégor from APAST (Association for Scientific Animation of Trégor has been awarded to Dr. Sébastien Le Maguer, former PhD candidate in the team Cordial. This prize rewards his PhD work entitled "Évaluation expérimentale d'un système statistique de synthèse de la parole, HTS, pour la langue française", defended on 2nd July, 2013, and supervised by Pr. Olivier Boëffard and Dr. Nelly Barbot.

Research activities

The team focuses on integrating expressiveness in speech synthesis systems, for instance integrating speech styles, intentions, emotions, etc.

More precisely, these activities are composed of 3 independent axes:

  1. Phonology: modeling and adaptation to speakers and to expressiveness degrees ;
  2. Prosody: modeling and adaptation to speakers and to expressiveness degrees ;
  3. Unit selection algorithm: unit indexing, phonologic and prosodic instructions, cost functions.

Building and adapting models based on large data collections, be it speech or text, naturaly leads the team to investigate numerous machine learning problems.


Domains of applications are summarized in the scheme below.

Application domains (English, small)


IRISA spreads over multiple cities. Team CORDIAL is located in Lannion. The map below places Lannion and other IRISA sites.


The exact address of the team is:
Équipe Cordial - IRISA
6, rue de Kerampont
22300 Lannion
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