Motion2D software for 2D dominant motion estimation

The Motion-2D software (developed in language C/C++) performs the estimation of a 2D parametric motion model between two successive images. For instance, it can compute the dominant apparent motion in a sequence of images. It implements a robust, multi-resolution, and incremental estimation method exploiting only the spatio-temporal derivatives of the intensity function [1]. The Motion-2D software can handle several types of motion models, respectively, constant model (translation), affine, and quadratic models. Moreover, it integrates the possibility of taking into account the global variation of illumination.
To speed up the whole processing, it is also possible to specify the size of the estimation support, along with the first and the last pyramid level considered in the multiresolution framework. It currently reaches processing rates close to real time on Pentium IV 2.4 GHz. To evaluate the performances of the algorithm and the validity of the estimated motion model, the software also includes the generation of a motion-compensated image sequence with respect to a reference instant. This software was transferred to several industrial partners.
A web site dedicated to the software is avalaible from: It gives access to the software online documention and allows to download an open source version of Motion2D under a QPL license.
Some results
The interview sequence The motion-compensated interview sequence
The "interview" sequence The motion-compensated  "interview"  sequence using an affine motion model
The roundabout sequence The motion-compensated roundabout sequence
The  " roundabout " sequence  The motion-compensated  " roundabout "  sequence using an affine motion model

[1] J.-M. Odobez, P. Bouthemy. Robust multiresolution estimation of parametric motion models.  Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 6(4):348-365, December 1995.

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