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E. Malis, G. Morel, F. Chaumette. Robot control from disparate multiple sensors. Int. Journal of Robotics Research, 20(5):364-378, May 2001.

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In this paper, we propose a simple and efficient control algorithm that combines several sensors in order to realize the positioning task of a robot end-effector. The multiple sensors control has been designed as a part of the task function approach. A particular choice of the task function allows us to simplify the design of the control law and the stability analysis. This global controller is based on the weighted sum of individual task-functions. The approach has been applied to the control with vision and force sensors. In spite of its simplicity, this approach provides satisfactory experimental behaviour. Improvements in the positioning of cumbersome objects have been obtained using cameras observing different parts of a scene. Moreover, peg in hole insertion experiments involving large initial errors have been performed using a 7 axis robot manipulator without any computation of the peg trajectory by combining vision and force sensors

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