Publications 1991

Academic Journals

  1. J.P. Manens, G. Le Gall, F. Fresne, C. Barillot, B. Gibaud, D. Lemoine, A. Bouliou, C. Chenal, M. Ben Hassel, J.M Scarabin. Irradiation multifaisceaux : plan de traitement assisté par ordinateur. Bull. cancer radiother, 78(3):327-336, 1991. details

Book Chapters

  1. P.-Y. Arquès, J.-P. Le Cadre. Modélisation des bruits en acoustique sous-marine. In Dossier Scientifique "Signaux et Images", Courrier du CNRS, vol. 77, 1991. details
  2. J.-P. Le Cadre, P. Ravazzola. Extension of high resolution methods to realistic cases. In High Resolution Methods in Underwater Acoustics, G. Bienvenu, M. Bouvet (eds.), pp. 29-81, Lecture Notes in Control and Information Science, vol. 155, Springer, 1991. details

International Conferences

  1. E. Mémin, F. Charot, F. Heitz. Parallel architecture for multiscale Markov Random Field-based image analysis. In Computer Architecture for Machine Perception (CAMP'91), B. Zavidovique, P.L. Wendel (eds.), Pages 309-320, Paris, France, December 1991. details
  2. B. Espiau, F. Chaumette, P. Rives. A new approach to visual servoing in robotics. In Workshop on Geometric Reasoning for Perception and Action, LNCS 708, C. Laugier (ed.),, Pages 106-136, Grenoble, France, September 1991. details
  3. F. Chaumette, P. Rives, B. Espiau. The task function approach applied to vision-based control. In 5th Int. Conf. on Advanced Robotics, ICAR'91, Volume 2, Pages 1392-1397, Pisa, Italy, June 1991. details
  4. F. Chaumette, P. Rives, B. Espiau. Positioning of a robot with respect to an object, tracking it and estimating its velocity by visual servoing. In IEEE Int Conf on Robotics and Automation, ICRA'91, Volume 3, Pages 2248-2253, Sacramento, California, April 1991. details
  5. J.-P. Le Cadre, O. Zugmeyer, P.-Y. Arquès. Sonar array processing for slowly varying sources. In UDT Conference, Pages 1168-1176, April 1991. details
  6. J.-P. Le Cadre, O. Zugmeyer. Temporal integration for array processing. In IEEE Conf. Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP'91), Volume 2, Pages 1441-1444, Toronto, Ontario, April 1991. details pdf
  7. F. Heitz, E. Mémin, P. Bouthemy. Markov Random Fields and Parallel Algorithms for 2D Motion Analysis. In Imacs World Congress on Computation and Applied Mathematics, Dublin, Eire, January 1991. details

National Conferences

  1. P. Pérez, F. Heitz. Une approche multiéchelle à l'analyse d'images par champs markoviens. In Proc. Congrès AFCET/RFIA, Villeurbanne, France, November 1991. details
  2. J.-P. Le Cadre, O. Zugmeyer. Intégration temporelle en traitement d'antenne. In Actes du colloque GRETSI, Pages 689-692, September 1991. details pdf
  3. E. Mémin, F. Heitz. Parallélisation des algorithmes d'analyse d'images par champs markoviens dans un contexte pyramidal. In 13ème congrès Gretsi, Juan-les-Pins, France, September 1991. details
  4. P. Ravazzola, J.-P. Le Cadre. Interpolation rationnelle en traitement d'antenne large bande. In Actes du colloque GRETSI, Pages 653-656, September 1991. details pdf


  1. F. Chaumette, P. Rives, B. Espiau. Le torseur d'interaction des informations visuelles. 2e Journées nationales du GRECO-PRC CHM, pp. 465-475, Toulouse, France, January 1991. details

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