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About Vista team and Irisa

Irisa Presentation

Irisa is a publicly funded research laboratory including full-time research scientists or teaching research scientists and postgraduate students. INRIA, the CNRS, the University of Rennes 1 and INSA Rennes are all partners in this joint research unit.

Irisa involves twenty-six research teams centered around four major scientific topics:

These generic themes find their application in many fields, resulting in interdisciplinary cooperation with other leading professionals from both the academic and the industrial world, in areas such as telecommunications, multimedia, transport, genome science, emerging technologies applied to health, environment etc.

Vista team presentation

Vista research work is concerned with image sequence analysis and active vision. More precisely, we address two broad issues: analysis of physical phenomena to provide image-based or scene-based motion-related measurements, and to handle recognition and interpretation of temporal events; perception and control of automated or robot systems, to cope with manipulation, tracking, navigation, surveillance or exploration tasks. In that context, we are interested in several types of spatio-temporal images in optical imagery (video, infra-red) as well as in acoustics (sonar, echography). We mainly follow a statistical approach (involving Markovian models and Bayesian methods) to tackle motion and deformation analysis. The aspects of long-term spatio-temporal analysis (e.g., tracking) are particularly studied. We consider situations involving an active observer, i.e., we investigate active perception, when the sensor motion or attitude can be controlled. This includes the design of visual servoing techniques and of higher level exploration strategies.

We are dealing with three main types of applications: motion and deformation "metrology" (in meteorological satellite imagery, medical imagery, experimental visualization in fluid mechanics), robot vision and surveillance systems (power industry, underwater robotics, sonar, transportation), content-based video indexing.

Contact information

For general information on the Vista team, please visit the Vista website or contact Patrick Bouthemy.

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