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Motion2D changes

Motion2D is a continuously evolving library. Here are user-visible changes in the recent releases: (September 2013)
Fix build issues on Fedora. Add OSX support.

1.3.11 (January 2005)
Add the possibility to start the motion estimation based on an initial value of the model. Support of Mpeg2 video sequences. Bugfixes and improvements.

1.3.10 (November 2003)
Modifications and improvements in the PNG image format support.

1.3.9 (July 2004)
First version available in open source from the web with a QPL license.

1.3.8 (March 2004)
Possibility to get the covariance matrix of the motion model parameters.

1.3.7 (February 2004)
Addition of new motion models, support for new image file format.

1.3.6 (September 2002)
First version modified for an open source distribution as soon as possible. Bugfixes and improvements.

Motion2D is Copyright © 1995-2005 by Inria
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