Nicolas Ducoin

This page is no longer maintained


After a master in applied math specialised in image processing and geometric modeling in IMAG, I worked in Ireland for 18 months in Altion, a company producing a telecom network management software named Tnas. I arrived in the Vista project of the INRIA Rennes in october 2001 to work on a mobile robot named Cycab. My CV is here.


My role in the Vista project is to develop software components for a mobile robot named Cycab equiped with a pan-tilt video camera. These libraries are meant to make it easy for reasearchers to develop vision research algorithms on the Cycab. More precisely, this plat-form is built from a low level applications running in real time on the robot's multiprocessor architecture. These applications are communicating with programs written in C++ and running under Linux through the Rtai shared memory. First, a library was written to control the rotation and translation speed of the Cycab in a secure way for the user. This served as a base for the development of a command addapted for visual servoing applications. An application witch positionned the Cycab relatively to some geometric primitives was then realised. The Rennes' Cycab web site is here (INRIA reserved access).