Marc Gelgon
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I graduated from INSA Rennes (Electrical Eng.) and from University College London (M.Sc. in microwaves and optoelectronics). I'm currently a 3rd-year Ph.D student in the VISTA Project.
Research topics
My work is related to video content analysis and indexing. We are interested in extracting a structured representation of videos, in terms of shots and mobile objects, for building compact views involving mosaics and object trajectories. Two applications are video browsing (efficient and fast viewing), and content-based indexing of videos. I am also investigating long-term tracking approaches (data association issues) for multiple objet scene interpretation.

Recent publications
M. Gelgon, P. Bouthemy. Determining a structured spatio-temporal representation of video content for efficient visualisation and indexing.  5th European Conference on Computer Vision, ECCV'98, Freiburg, Germany, June 1998.

M. Gelgon, P. Bouthemy. A region-level graph labeling approach to motion-based segmentation.  IEEE Conf. Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR'97, Puerto-Rico, June 1997.

P. Bouthemy, M. Gelgon, F. Ganansia. A unified approach to shot change detection and camera motion characterization, INRIA Technical Report No 3304, novembre 1997.