Grégory Flandin
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Graduated of SUPAERO (an engineering school in space and aeronautics) and holder of the postgraduate certificate in Automation and Industrial Computer Science, I have spent one year at Aérospatiale (Les Mureaux) as engineer for military service. I have been preparing my Ph.D degree since october 1998. 
Research topics
The subject of my work is entitled Perception and Action Strategies with Local and Global Vision Cooperation. Its general issue is active vision for robotic. At IRISA, previous studies dealt with the use of only one visual sensor in robot control. Within the context of more complex scenes, with possible moving objects, we aim at generalize this approach to the use of two visual sensors. The one (free-standing) providing the system with a global view of the scene and the other one (robot-mounted) supplying local details. The main research topics may be defined as cooperation, data fusion, exploration strategies and visual servoing.This work is supported by the project La Route Automatisée dealing with driving aids. An other obvious applying field for these investigations is mobile robotic in hostile environments.