Gabriella Csurka
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Brief Vitae

Graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Timisoara, Rumania (1991), I obtained the Master Degree of Robotics and Vision at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis (1992).

My PhD in Computer Vision I prepared under the supervision of Olivier Faugeras at l'INRIA Sophia Antipolis, within the group Robotvis (defended the 3rd April 1996).

I spent one year and half as a postdoctoral associates within the group Movi, INRIA Rhône-Alpes , that I continue actually within the group Vista at IRISA Rennes.

Research Topics

My research interests include the uncalibrated computer vision, self-calibration, motion analyses, geometric and algebraic study of image sequences obtained by one or more cameras.

My PhD thesis studies the possibility of a projective representation of the three-dimensional environment using a pair of views obtained with uncalibrated cameras. During my stay at Inria Rhône-Alpes, I was interested in self-calibration and Euclidean reconstruction using image sequences and motions of a stereo rig. Actually, my research works concern the motion analyses in video sequences.

Recent publications

  • Gabriella Csurka and Olivier Faugeras : Computing Three-dimensional Projective Invariants from a Pair of Images Using the Grassmann-Cayley Algebra , to appear soonly in Image and Vision Computing Journal.

  • Gabriella Csurka, Cyril Zeller, Zhengyou Zhang and Olivier Faugeras : Characterizing the Uncertainty of the Fundamental Matrix , Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Vol. 68, Nr 1, Octobre 1997, pp 18-35.

  • Charlie Rothwell, Olivier Faugeras and Gabriella Csurka : A Comparison of Projective Reconstruction Methods for Pairs of Views , Computer Vision and Image Understanding, Vol. 68, Nr 1, Octobre 1997, pp 36-58.

  • Gabriella Csurka, David Demirdjian, Andreas Ruf and Radu Horaud  : Closed-form Solutions for the Euclidean calibration of a stereo rig , Proceedings of the ECCV'98 Fifth European Conference on Computer Vision, Freiburg, Germany, June, 1998.

  • Gabriella Csurka and Radu Horaud : Autocalibration and Euclidean Reconstruction Using Rigid Motion of a Stereo Rig , Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of Computer Vision , Bombay, India, Jan 1998, pp 96 -103.

  • Csurka Gabriella, Radu Horaud and Philippe Valéry : Augmented Cockpit Display from Cameras Mounted on Several Aircrafts , Proceedings of the AeroSense, April 1998, Orlando, Florida, USA.

  • Gabriella Csurka and Olivier Faugeras : Computing Projective and Permutation Invariants of Points and Lines , Proceedings of the International Conference of Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, Kiel, Germany, Sept 1997, LNCS 1296, pp 66-73.

  • Gabriella Csurka and Olivier Faugeras : Algebraic and geometric tools to compute projective and permutation invariants , Proceedings of the International Workshop on Algebraic Frames for the Perception-Action Cycle, Kiel, Germany, Sept 1997, LNCS 1315, pp 207-218.