Didier Zugaj
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1993 Engineer Degree in Computer and Control Science,
1994 DEA in Physical Sciences,
1997 PhD in Computer Vision and Image Processing.

From Oct. 92 to Feb. 98, I was appointed as assistant, then associate professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering Laboratoire d'Automatique de l'ENSAM (rubrique CER) of the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Métiers (Paris).

My PhD thesis dealt with dynamic scene analysis and more generally the integration of a vision sensor in closed-loop systems. I considered the problem of modeling and tracking deformables structures in image sequences.

I'm currently working on the ESPRIT EP24956 project DiVAN which aims at building and evaluating a distributed audio-visual library system for TV broadcasters and video archives owners. I'm involved for writing the specifications of video and audio data extraction and indexing/retrieval functionalities. I participate to the implementation task, and integration of algorithms devoted to the detection of video shots and progressive transitions, the camera motion characterization, the two-class audio signal segmentation for music-speech-noise detection, and the logo and jingle detection (all of these modules are linked with MPEG decoders).

Research topics

  • Modeling and Tracking deformable objects,
  • Image Segmentation,
  • Video indexing.

Recent publications
D. ZUGAJ, V. LATTUATI. - Open curve segmentation. Application of parametric models for tracking 2D deformable structures in images sequence. - IEEE-IMACS Multi-conference CESA'96, Lille, Juillet 1996.

D. ZUGAJ, V. LATTUATI. - Contours actifs : Suivi de structures linéiques déformables. Extension à la résolution de problèmes d'optimisation sous contraintes. - Seizième Colloque GRETSI sur le traitement du signal et des images, Grenoble, Septembre 1997.

D. ZUGAJ, V. LATTUATI. - Application of Parametric Snake Model Based on Bezier Curves for Tracking 2D Moving Deformable Structures in Images Sequence. - IEEE International Conference on Image Processing ICIP'97, Santa Barbara USA, Octobre 1997.

D. ZUGAJ, V. LATTUATI. - A new approach of color image segmentation based on fusing region and edge detection outputs. - Pattern Recognition, Vol.31, No 2, pp 105-113, 1998.