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  Projet Triskell  

Liste des Publications/List of Publications
- 2003 -

Triskell Team


Articles/Articles (Referred Journals)

[1] Albert Benveniste, Eric Fabre, Claude Jard, and Stefan Haar. -- Diagnosis of asynchronous discrete event systems, a net unfolding approach. -- IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 48(5):714--727, May 2003. [BibTeX]

[2] Claude Jard. -- Synthesis of distributed testers from true-concurrency models of reactive systems. -- International Journal of Information and Software Technology, 45:805--814, 2003. [BibTeX]

[3] Lo√Įc H√©lou√ęt. -- Distributed system requirement modeling with message sequence charts: the case of the rmtp2 protocol. -- International Journal of Information and Software Technology, 45(11), 2003. [BibTeX]

[4] Jean-Marc Jézéquel and Heinrich Hussman. -- Editorial for the special issue on the UML 2002 conference. -- Journal on Software and System Modeling, 2(3):151--152, October 2003. [BibTeX]

Conférences Internationales/International Conferences (with program commitee)

[1] Albert Benveniste, Stefan Haar, Eric Fabre, and Claude Jard. -- Distributed monitoring of concurrent and asynchronous systems (plenary address). -- In Proc. of CONCUR'2003, Marseille, LNCS. Springer Verlag, 2003. [BibTeX]

[2] Lo√Įc H√©lou√ęt, Marc Zeitoun, and Claude Jard. -- Covert channels detection in protocols using scenarios. -- In Proc. of SPV'03 Security Protocols Verification, sep. 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[3] Blaise Genest, Lo√Įc H√©lou√ęt, and Anca Muscholl. -- High-level message sequence charts and projections. -- In Proc of CONCUR 2003, sep 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[4] Jean B√©zivin, Nicolas Farcet, Jean-Marc J√©z√©quel, Beno√ģt Langlois, and Damien Pollet. -- Reflective model driven engineering. -- In G. Booch P. Stevens, J. Whittle, editor, Proceedings of UML 2003, volume 2863 of LNCS, pages 175--189, San Francisco, October 2003. Springer. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[5] Benoit Baudry, Yves Le Traon, Gerson Suny√©, and Jean-Marc J√©z√©quel. -- Measuring and improving design patterns testability. -- In Proceedings of Metrics Symposium 2003, Sydney, Australia, September 2003. [BibTeX]

[6] Bernhard Rumpe. -- Model-based testing of object-oriented systems. -- In ??? J. S. de Boer, editor, Formal Methods for Components and Objects (FMCO'02), LNCS. Springer Heidelberg, 2003. [BibTeX] [BibTeX]

[7] Lo√Įc H√©lou√ęt. -- Projections et comparaisons de sc√©narios. -- In Proc of AFADL'2003, Approches Formelles dans l'Assistance au D√©veloppement de Logiciels, Rennes, France, Jan. 2003. [BibTeX]

[8] Tewfik Ziadi, Lo√Įc H√©lou√ęt, and Jean-Marc J√©z√©quel. -- Mod√©lisation de lignes de produits en UML. -- In Proc. of LMO 2003, Langages et Mod√®les √† Objets, Vannes, France, Fev. 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[9] Bernhard Rumpe. -- An agile test-based modeling approach using UML. -- In International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Practice (SERP'03), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 2003. [BibTeX]

[10] Tewfik Ziadi, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, and Frédéric Fondement. -- Product line derivation with uml. -- In Proceedings Software Variability Management Workshop, Univ. of Groningen Departement of Mathematics and Computing Science, February 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[11] Tewfik Ziadi, Lo√Įc H√©lou√ęt, and Jean-Marc J√©z√©quel. -- Towards a UML profile for software product lines. -- In Proceedings of the Fifth International Workshop on Product Familly Engineering (PFE-5), volume 3014 of LNCS, pages 129--139. Springer Verlag, 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[12] Clémentine Nebut, Franck Fleurey, Yves Le traon, and Jean-Marc Jézéquel. -- Requirements by contracts allow automated system testing. -- In Proc. of the 14th. IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE'03), 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[13] Clémentine Nebut, Simon Pickin, Yves Le traon, and Jean-Marc Jézéquel. -- Automated requirements-based generation of test cases for product families. -- In Proc. of the 18th IEEE International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (ASE'03), 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[14] Clémentine Nebut, Franck Fleurey, Yves Le Traon, and Jean-Marc Jézéquel. -- A requirement-based approach to test product families. -- In Proc. of the 5th workshop on Product Families Engineering (PFE-05), number 3014 in LNCS. Springer Verlag, 2003. [BibTeX]

[15] J. Malenfant, J.-M. J√©z√©quel, and N. Plouzeau. -- Contract spaces for trusted components. -- In Trusted Components Workshop, Prato, Italy, 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

Autres Publications/Other Publications

[1] No√ęl Plouzeau. -- Final specification document of the weaving process. -- Technical Report D361, The QCCS consortium, July 2003. [BibTeX]

[2] N. Plouzeau, J.-M. J√©z√©quel, and T. Weis. -- Final report on the qccs method and tools. -- Technical Report D333, The QCCS consortium, September 2003. [BibTeX]

[3] Jean-Marc Jézéquel. -- Model-driven engineering: Basic principles and challenges. -- Invited Presentation at Formal Methods for Components and Objects (FMCO'03), Leiden, Netherlands, November 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[4] Jean Bézivin, Patrick Valduriez, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Raphael Marvie, and Jean-Marc Geib. -- The MDA vision at INRIA. -- Document ad 2003-06-01, OMG, June 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[5] Benoit Baudry. -- Assemblage testable et validation de composants. -- PhD thesis, Université de Rennes 1, June 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[6] Simon Pickin. -- Test des composants logiciels pour les télécommunications. -- PhD thesis, Université de Rennes 1, July 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[7] Ed Brinksma, Geoff Coulson, Ivica Crnkovic, Andy Evans, S√©bastien G√©rard, Susanne Graf, Holger Hermanns, Jean-Marc J√©z√©quel, Bengt Jonsson, Anders Ravn, Philippe Schnoebelen, Francois Terrier, and Angelika Votintseva. -- Component-based design and integration platforms: a roadmap. -- Technical Report IST-2001-34820, The ARTIST consortium, April 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[8] Jean-Marc Jézéquel. -- Model-driven engineering with contracts, patterns and aspects. -- In Tutorial Program of AOSD 2003: 2nd International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development. ACM-IEEE, March 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]

[9] Eric Cariou. -- Contribution à un processus de réification d'abstractions de communication. -- PhD thesis, Université de Rennes 1, July 2003. [PDF] [BibTeX]