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Erwan Brottier

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I am a Ph.D. student at France Télécom R&D labs in the UTC team since 2005. I work in collaboration with the Triskell team of the IRISA in Rennes and I am under the supervision of Yves Le Traon. I work in the areas of Requirement engineering, model-driven engineering (MDE/MDA) and testing. I received a M.Sc. degree in computer science from the IFSIC (part of the Université de rennes 1).

Email : (France telecom desk)
   (Irisa desk)

Telephone: (33) 299 842 215 (France Telecom desk)
                  (33) 296 059 966 (Irisa desk)


During my master's thesis at France Télécom R&D in Lannion, I worked on generation of input models from metamodels in order to test model transformations [1,2]. The subject of my Ph.D. is the application of MDE techniques for enhancing the reliability of requirements. I work on how to facilitate analysis and test generation from requirements and more precisely how to compose requirements described in different languages[3]. I take part in the implementation of the R2A platform.
  • [3] Producing a Global Requirement Model from Multiple Requirement Specifications, Erwan Brottier, Benoît Baudry, Yves Le Traon, David Touzet and Bertrand Nicolas, in the 11th IEEE International EDOC Conference, 15-19 October 2007, Annapolis US. [pdf] [bib]
  • [2] Metamodel-based test Generation for Model Transformations: an Algorithm and a Tool, Erwan Brottier, Franck Fleurey, Jim Steel, Benoît Baudry and Yves Le Traon, in the 11th IEEE International Conference ISSRE, 2006, Raleigh US. [pdf] [bib]
  • [1] Génération automatique de tests pour les transformations de modèles Jean-Marie Mottu, Benoît Baudry, Yves Le Traon and Erwan Brottier, in 1ères Journées sir l'Ingénierie Dirigéz par les Modèles (IDM), 2005, Paris France [pdf] [bib]


  • EMF-AR : It is an EMF API helper. It facilitates the use of EMF and provide concrete notions of model, metamodel and repository as well as algorithms such as model confirmity checking. EMF-AR is an internal France Télécom resource.
  • Omogen : This is a tool for generating models from input metamodels of a model transformation according to test criterias. It implements the principles described in paper [2]. It is an internal France Télécom resource.
  • Ecore Viewer : A tool which outputs picture from models and metamodels captured with EMF . It produces a class diagram from an ecore file and an object diagram from an xmi file. It is based on the graph visualizer DOT and is an internal France Télécom resource.
  • The R2A platform : It is a platform for requirements analysis. Have a look on the website for more information (R2A website).


* martial arts (judo, budo, french box, gao style baguazhang, and currently aïkido)
* music (piano and drums jazz, a little bit of bass and singing)
* photo (currently with a Pentax K10D)
* and obviously cooking (I'm french, isn't it ? ;-)