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Transforming Instances to Models

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We show how XML solution instances generated by Alloy are transformed to XMI models that conform to the input meta-model.


1. We want to transform generated Alloy instances are transformed XMI model files.

2. Go to project alloy2emf and open the file:


3. You have to set a couple of parameters in this file:

  3.1 The root directory:

     String root = new String("/Users/sagarsen/Desktop/PramanaDemo/demoSpace/Pramana");

  3.2 The top-level class (line 57):

     //Set the root package
     EMFConverter converter=new EMFConverter(obj,"Activity");

4. Run the program as a Java application to transform all XML files to XMI files. It is important to make sure that current.ecore exists in the platform:/resource/Pramana/Temp/currentMetaModel directory.

5. A set of XMI files is generated in the directory: platform:/resource/Pramana/Temp/xmiSolutions