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This section present current limitations of Pramana which we hope to resolve in the coming months...stay tuned :-)


Pramana (Beta) is a research prototype and has some known limitations

1. It does not yet support a transformation of multiple-inheritance to Alloy. There are many way to approach this issue. The user can flatten his metamodel to contain only single inheritance or an Alloy fact must be generated for multiple inheritance.

2. We also do not consider the transformation Object Constraint Language (OCL) or a subset of OCL to Alloy. We intend to however provide the transformation of a subset of OCL in future. At the moment Alloy facts are directly inserted into the model. In many cases its much more concise to encode facts directly in Alloy instead of first writing them in OCL and then transforming them to Alloy.

3. We have not performed a analysis of the largest models that can be generated using Pramana. Pramana is developed based on the hypothesis that small models are sufficient to reveal bugs.

4. The Alloy XML Instance to XMI conversion of String properties is still not dealt with

5. Not well integrated into the Kermeta or Eclipse framework.