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Inserting Invariants

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This section describes the insertion of additional invariants in the generated Alloy model. This is a manual step at the moment. We intend to automatically transform a subset of the Object Constraint Language (OCL) to Alloy a future version of Pramana.


1. Let us assume that the generated Alloy model is in the directory:


2. You want to now add additional constraints to this Alloy model as Alloy facts/predicates. These constraints are created manually as they cannot be easily transformed from OCL; however work is undergoing in this direction.

3. Simply open the file and add the constraints. For example, we add the following inavariants to the simpleUML_MM_gts.als file:

//Meta-model constraints//

//There must be no cyclic inheritance in the generated UML class diagram
fact noCyclicInheritance {
    no c: Class | c in c.^parent

//All the attributes in a Class must have unique attribute names
fact uniqueAttributeNames {
all c:Class |  all a1:  c.attrs , a2 : c.attrs | => a1 = a2 

//An attribute object can be contained by only one class

fact attributeContainment {
all c1:Class, c2:Class | all a1:c1.attrs, a2:c2.attrs | a1==a2 => c1=c2

//There is exactly one ClassModel object
fact oneClassModel {
 one ClassModel

//All Classifier objects are contained in a ClassModel

fact classifierContainment {
all c:Classifier | c in ClassModel.classifier

//All Association objects are contained in a ClassModel
fact associationContainment {
all a:Association | a in ClassModel.association

//A Classifier must have a unique name in the class diagram

fact uniqueClassifierName {
all c1:Classifier, c2:Classifier | => c1=c2

//An associations have the same name either they are the same association or they have different sources
fact uniqeNameAssocSrc {
all a1:Association, a2:Association | == => (a1 = a2 or a1.src != a2.src)

//Model Transformation UMLCD to RDBMS Pre-condition
fact atleastOnePrimaryAttribute {
    all c:Class| one a:c.attrs | a.is_primary==True

//Improved Model Transformation pre-conditions
fact no4CyclicClassAttribute{
    all a:Attribute | a.type in Class => all a1:a.type.attrs|a1.type in Class => all a2:a.type.attrs|a2.type in Class => all a3:a.type.attrs|a3.type in Class => all a4:a.type.attrs|a4.type in PrimitiveDataType

//A Class cannot have an association and an attribute of the same name
fact noAttribAndAssocSameName{
    all c:Class, assoc:Association | all a : c.attrs | (assoc.src == c) => !=

//No cycles between non-persistent classes

fact no1CycleNonPersistent
      all a: Association | (a.dest == a.src) => a.dest.is_persistent= True

fact no2CycleNonPersistent
      all a1: Association, a2:Association | (a1.dest == a2.src and a2.dest==a1.src) => a1.src.is_persistent= True or a2.src.is_persistent=True 

4. We save the file with the same or a different name.