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 +TTProto (for Testing Tool Prototype) is an experimental tool for implementing testing tools, either for conformance or for interoperability testing.
 +It was first implemented to explore new features and concepts for the [[http://​​|TTCN-3 standard]], but we also used it to implement a passive interoperability test suite we provided for the [[http://​​plugtests/​coap/​coap.htm|CoAP interoperability event]] held in Paris in March 2012.
 +TTProto is implemented in python3 and its design was influenced mainly by [[http://​​|TTCN-3]] (abstract model, templates, snapshots, behaviour trees, communication ports, logging) and by [[http://​​projects/​scapy/​Scapy|Scapy]] (syntax, flexibility,​ customisability)
 +The purpose of this tool is to facilitate rapid prototyping rather than experimentations (rather than production use). We choosed to maximise its modularity and readability rather than performances and real-time considerations.
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