IPv6 Test Suites


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====== Conformance Test Suites ====== ====== Conformance Test Suites ======
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 +====== Interoperability Test Suites ======
 +We are working on a tool to automate interoperability testing for IPv6 protocols. The tool is designed to:
 +  * read an abstract definition of the scenarios and topologies
 +  * generate the commands to be executed on each node, depending on its operating system and its role in the scenario
 +  * automatically collect the test logs (topology files, command results, packet captures)
 +  * execute the commands remotely so that the test control is centralized on one console
 +  * implement topology changes (using 802.1Q VLANs)
-====== Interoperability Test Suites ====== 
 +For more information, please contact us.
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