TEXMEX Research Team
Efficient Exploitation of Multimedia Documents
Exploration, Indexing, Navigation, and Access to Very Large Databases

From 2002 to end of June 2014, Texmex was a joint team between the INRIA research center of Rennes - Bretagne - Atlantique and the joint research unit 6074 IRISA. The team gathered people from INRIA, CNRS, university of Rennes 1 and INSA of Rennes (an engineer school). It also hostes three associate professors from university of Rennes 2.

In July 2014, Texmex gave birth to the new Linkmedia team.

Presentation of the team

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News and Events

Raghavendran Balu receives the Best tsudent paper award at the ESORICS 2014 conference for his paper "Challenging Differential Privacy: the Case of Non-interactive Mechanisms"

In collaboration with Xerox in the project ANR Fire-ID, the team wins the FGComp evaluation campaign for fine-grain image recognition systems

Texmex technology for speech thematic segmentation developed during the Ph.D. of Camille Guinaudeau was distinguished. It has been integrated in the Voxelead prototype of the Exalead society which received a META-prize "for outstanding contribution to a multilingual Europe" during the META_FORUM conference gathering 400 people in June 2011 at Budapest. C. Guinaudeau's thesis was supported by teh Brittany regional council and the Quaero program, and advised by P. Sébillot et G. Gravier

Gwénolé Lecorvé has been awarded by the French association of Spoken Communication for his Ph.D. intitled "Unsupervised Thematic Adaptation of an Automatic Speech Recognition System".

The BIGANN database of high dimensional vectors, aimed at evaluating approximate nearest neighbor search algorithms is now available here

Joaquin Zepeda was awarded the "second best paper award" at the IEEE MultiMedia Signal Processing Workshop, 4-6 Oct. 2010, for his paper: "The iteration-tuned dictionary for sparse representations", co-authored with C. Guillemot and E. Kijak.

Some internships are proposed for the 2010/2011 academic year. Click here!

Quaero project: our topic segmentor is integrated by Exalead in its Voxalead news demonstrator.

Hervé Jégou deserved the 2010 Young Researcher Award of the Brittany Regional Council, in the category "Sciences, technologies, and interdisciplinarities"..

Our collaboration with Iceland has given raise to a new company, Eff2 Technologies, whoch will develop and commercialize our copy detection technology.