Light Field Segmentation Using a Ray-Based Graph Structure

Matthieu Hog , Neus Sabater and Christine Guillemot


In this paper, we introduce a novel graph representation for interactive light field segmentation using Markov Random Field (MRF). The greatest barrier to the adoption of MRF for light field processing is the large volume of input data. The proposed graph structure exploits the redundancy in the ray space in order to reduce the graph size, decreasing the running time of MRF-based optimisation tasks. Concepts of free rays and ray bundles with corresponding neighbourhood relationships are defined to construct the simplified graph-based light field representation. We then propose a light field interactive segmentation algorithm using graph-cuts based on such ray space graph structure, that guarantees the segmentation consistency across all views. Our experiments with several datasets show results that are very close to the ground truth, competing with state of the art light field segmentation methods in terms of accuracy and with a significantly lower complexity. They also show that our method performs well on both densely and sparsely sampled light fields.

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