Given the strong impact of standardization in the sector of networked multimedia, TEMICS, in partnership with industrial companies, seeks to promote its results in standardization (IETF, JPEG, MPEG). While aiming at generic approaches, some of the solutions developed are applied to practical problems in partnership with industry (Thomson, France Télécom) or in the framework of national projects (RNRT COSOCATI, DIPHONET, EIRE, VIP, COSINUS, RIAM-COPARO, RNTL DOMUS-VIDEUM, ANR-ESTIVALE, ANR-MEDIEVALS, ANR-ESSOR, ANR-ICOS-HD, Futurimages) and European projects (IST-BUSMAN, IST-OZONE, IST-DANAE, IST-DISCOVER, IST-SIMILAR, IST-NEWCOM++). The application domains addressed by the project are networked multimedia applications (on wired or wireless Internet) via their various requirements and needs in terms of compression, of resilience to channel noise, or of advanced functionalities such as navigation, protection and authentication.

Contracts and Grants involving industry

Industrial contracts

TEMICS has five Cifre contracts with industrial partners:

TEMICS also supervises DRT projects in collaborations with industrial partners:

National contracts

European contracts

Other grants

National Initiatives

Bi-lateral international co-operation

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