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Lundi 14 Février, 14h, Alberto Apostolico, Georgia Institute of Technology & Universita' di Padova Print
Written by Pierre PETERLONGO   

Computing Surprise

14h Salle Turing (G 109)
Classical information theory equates information to surprise. This talk examines the computational aspects of finding surprising regularities in sequences of diverse nature.
The problem of modeling and detecting recurrent or rare patterns such as substrings or motifs and related associations or rules is pursued ubiquitously in order to compress data, unveil relationships, infer succinct descriptions, extract and classify features, etc. In molecular biology, special classes of patterns are variously implicated in facets of biological structure and function. More in general, effective pattern discovery tools are becoming increasingly vital in the process of transforming data into insight and knowledge.

This talk proposes a brief account of algorithmic pattern discovery and its applications, and highlights issues, products and challenges emerged in recent and current work.

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