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Nolwenn LE MEUR
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nlemeur   Title Associate Professor in Biostatistics
  Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
  Address Dpt  -InfoBioStat
    Avenue du Professeur-Léon-Bernard • CS 74312 • 35043 Rennes Cedex
  Tel +33 (0) 2 99 02 25 14
    Full CV [pdfEnglish version]

Current position: Associate Professor in Biostatistics at EHESP (School of Public Health)

Research Area


  • Data integration and graphs
    • Public health genomics
    • Complex systems and graphs
  • Assessment of data quality  (Gene expression array, Flow cytometry, Cell-based screens)
    • Thesis: "De l’Acquisition des Données de Puces à ADN vers leur Interprétation : Importance
      du Traitement des Données Primaires" [
      pdf Report in French] 

Coming up

  •  N. LeMeur and R. Gentleman. Analyzing statistical properties of networks with R. [Book chapter in press]

  • D. Gliot, N. LeMeur et al RNAi-based screening identifies kinases interfering with dioxin-mediated up-regulation of CYP1A1 activity [PLoS ONE]


Principal Publications



           N. Le Meur, M. Lawrence, M. Tewari, R. Gentleman.

          R and Bioconductor in bioinformatics: toward systems biology.

          In: Statistical Bioinformatics: A Guide for Life and Biomedical Science Researchers. John Wiley & Sons. [more details]


          Lamirault G, N. Le Meur, et al. 

          Molecular risk stratification in advanced heart failure patients.
          J Cell Mol Med. 2010 Jun;14(6B):1443-52.



            N. Le Meur, M Le Borgne,  J. Gruel,  N. Théret. 

           Multiclock discrete models of biological systems.

           ECCS, Warwick 2009.


            J. Gruel, M LeBorgne, N. LeMeur, N. Théret.

            In silico investigation of ADAM12 effect on TGF-beta receptors trafficking. 

            BMC Res Notes. 2009 Sep 24;2(1):193. [abstract]

            A. Bankhead III, I. Sach, C. Ni, N. LeMeur, M. Kruger, M. Ferrer, R. Gentleman, Carol R.

            Knowledge based identification of essential signaling from genome-scale siRNA experiments.

            BMC Systems Biology 2009, 3:80  [abstract] [Highly accessed]

            F. Hahne* , N. LeMeur*, R.R. Brinkman, B. Ellis, P. Haaland, D. Sarkar, J. Spidlen, E. Strain and R. Gentleman.

            flowCore: a Bioconductor package for high throughput flow cytometry.

            BMC Bioinformatics 2009, 10:106 (* Equal contributors) [abstract] [Highly accessed]


N. Le Meur and R. Gentleman.

Modeling synthetic lethality. 

Genome Biology 2008, 9:R135.[abstract] [Highly accessed]

N. Le Meur and R. Gentleman.

Assessing The Role Of Multi-protein Complexes In Determining PhenotypeBioconductor Project Working Papers.

2008 Jan 16; 13. [abstract]

D. Sarkar, N. Le Meur, R. Gentleman.

FlowViz: Visualization tool for high throughput flow cytometry data.

Bioinformatics 2008, 24(6):878-9.

A. Le Béchec, P. Zindy, T. Sierocinski, D. Petritis, A. Bihouée, N. Le Meur, J. Léger, N. Théret.

M@IA: A modular open-source application for microarray workflow and integartive datamining.

In Silico Biology 2008, 8(1):63-9.


N. Le Meur, A. Rossini, M. Gasparetto, C. Smith, R.R. Brinkman, R. Gentleman.

Quality Assessment of Ungated Flow Cytometry data in High Throughput experiments.

CytometryA. 2007 Jun;71(6):393-403.

S. Cardin, E. Libby, P. Pelletier, S. Le Bouter, A. Shiroshita-Takeshita, N. Le Meur, J.J Léger, S. Demolombe, A. Ponton, L. Glass, S. Nattel.

Contrasting Gene Expression Profiles in Two Canine Models of Atrial Fibrillation.

Circulation Research. 2007 Feb 16;100(3):425-33.


N. Le Meur and F. Hahne.

Analyzing Flow Cytometry Data with Bioconductor.

Rnews. 2006 Dec;6(5):27-32.

J. Spidlen, R.C Gentleman, P.D Haaland, M. Langille, N. Le Meur, M.F Ochs, C. Schmitt, C.A Smith, A.S Treister AS, R.R Brinkman.

Data standards for flow cytometry.

OMICS. 2006 Summer;10(2):209-214.

Y. Blanchard , N. Le Meur, M. Le Cunff , P. Blanchard , J.J. Léger, A. Jestin.
Cellular Gene Expression Survey of PseudoRabies Virus (PRV) Infection of Human Embryonic Kidney Cells (HEK-293),
Veterinary Research. 2006 Sep-Oct;37(5):705-723.

S. Le Jan, N. Le Meur, A. Cazes, P. Josette, M. Le Cunff, J.J. Léger, P. Corvol, S.
Characterization of the expression of the Hypoxia-induced genes neuritin, TXNIP
and IGFBP3 in cancer.
FEBS Lett. 2006 Jun 12;580(14):3395-400.


D. McIlroy , S. Tanguy-Royer , N. Le Meur, I. Guisle , P.J. Royer , J.J. Léger, K. Meflah.
Profiling dendritic cell maturation with dedicated micro-arrays.
Journal of Leukocyte biology. 2005;78(3):794-803.

M. Steenman , G. Lamirault , N. Le Meur, J.J. Léger.
Gene expression profiling in human cardiovascular disease. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2005;43(7):696-701. Review.

M. Steenman , G. Lamirault , N. Le Meur, M. Le Cunff , D. Escande , J.J. Léger.
Distinct molecular portraits of human failing hearts identified by dedicated cDNA microarrays.
European Journal of Heart Failure. 2005;7(2) : 157-65.

N. Le Meur, G. Lamirault, A. Bihouée, M. Steenman, H. Bédrine-Ferran, R. Teusan, G.
Ramstein, J.J. Léger.
A dynamic, web-accessible resource to process raw microarray scan data into consolidated gene expression values. Importance of replication.
Nucleic Acids Research. 2004; 32(18) : 5349-5358.

H. Bédrine-Ferran , N. Le Meur , I. Gicquel, M. Le Cunff, N. Soriano, I. Guisle , S. Mottier, A. Monnier , R. Teusan, P. Fergelot , J.Y. Le Gall, J.J. Léger, J. Mosser.
Transcriptome variations in human CaCo-2 cells: a model for enterocyte differentiation and its link to iron absorption.
Genomics. 2004; 83(5):772-89.

See PubMed and the Bioconductor working papers archive for the complete list



Submitted Papers

J. Gruel, M. Le Borgne, N. Le Meur, N. Théret. Simple Shared Motifs (SSM) in conserved region of promoters: a new approach to identify co-regulation patterns.


Recent talks

Advanced flow cytometry
Analysis workshop High throughput flow cytometry analysis with Bioconductor. Marseille, 5-6 Novembre 2009.

UseR 2009
High throughput flow cytometry analysis with Bioconductor
. Rennes , 8-10 July 2009.

JOBIM 2009 satellite meeting: Dynamical modelling and simulation of biological networks, Nantes, 12 Jun 2009. Multiclock Discrete Models of the Eukaryotic Cell Cycle.

Asian Pacific Association for the Study of the Liver (APASL), Hong Kong, 13-16 Feb 2009. "Modeling the influence of EGF and TGF-b pathways in tumor progression of hepatocellular carcinoma."



Descriptive Statistics Master I Gourvernance  - Rennes I University-EHESP

R : introductory and advance courses (presentations available on the Bioconductor website)

Advanced flow cytometry  Analysis workshop High throughput flow cytometry analysis with Bioconductor. Marseille, 5-6 Novembre 2009. [flowCore practical course in French]


8th December 2008: Introductory courses: R and Bioconductor - Formation continue - Université de Rennes I

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