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Jeudi 12 Mai, Marko Budinich (University of Chile)
Written by Pierre PETERLONGO   

Bioleaching and winemaking: Two Industrial process analyzed under bioinformatics techniques.

10h30 Salle Aurigny


Copper and wine are two of the most important chilean exports, and Laboratory of Bioinformatic and Mathematics of Genome (LBMG) have done applied research in both. In this talk, I will present part of LBMG experience in Metabolomic data analysis of two bioleaching bacterias under different energy substrates and PCR primer design to identify contaminants yeast in wine production without culture. In both cases, bioinformatics techniques and tools play a crucial role into identify main features of these systems.

Affiliation complette:

Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Mathematics of the Genome, hosted at CMM at University of Chile

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