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Written by François COSTE   

Positions available

Associate professor

  • No position available for the moment.


  • Modelling Protein Structure [more details... ] [pdf ]
  • Learning the grammar of genomic sequences [pdf ]
  • Active Indexing Memory for Genomic Processing [pdf ]
  • New methods for mining biological information in Next Generation Sequencing data [pdf]
  • Modélisation par contraintes pour le contrôle génomique et physiologique de l’adaptation des algues brunes à la salinité de l’eau [pdf] [inria web access ]
  • Targetting information in High Throughput Sequencing data [inria web access ]


Post Doc

  • New ! Starting October 2011 !
    Logical constraints helping the design of experiments on a Lab on Chip  [pdf]
  • New !  Starting as soon as possible !
  •          New methods for detecting structural variants in NGS data [pdf]

Associate Engineer

  • No position available for the moment


  •  No position available for the moment

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