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Jeudi 30 Septembre: Pavlos Antoniou (Symbiose - INRIA)
Written by Pierre PETERLONGO   

Practical and efficient algorithms for sequences derived from high throughput sequencing technologies.

Jeudi 30 Septembre, 10h30, Salle Aurigny



Novel high throughput sequencing technology methods have redefined the way genome sequencing is performed. They are able to produce millions of short sequences (reads) in a single experiment and with a much lower cost than previous sequencing methods. We design and analyze algorithms for processing and classifying high throughput sequences and in particular, we address the problem of efficiently mapping millions of short patterns to a reference genome. We present fast, efficient and practical algorithms, that make use of word-level parallelism by compacting strings into single computer words, to solve the Massive Exact and Approximate Unique Pattern Matching problem for sequences derived from high throughput technologies.

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