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LUNDI 28 Juin : Alejandro Maass (UCHILE-CNRS University of Chile)
Written by Pierre PETERLONGO   

Bioinformatic project arround copper biolixiviation

LUNDI 28 Juin, 14h Salle Aurigny

During this talk I will try to explain the bioinformatics part of a project developed in Chile by the company BioSigma S.A. aiming to produce the scientifc bases to improve the bioleaching of copper using native consortia of microorganims. This includes: a metagenomics project, the sequencing of 3 native bacteria, a trascriptomic experience under different mineral conditions and the study of the complete metabolome of two important bacteria in the consortia. Some biproducts are the developemnt of a biochip to identify native biomining bacteria and some metabolic engineering activities.

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