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Lectures Notes
Written by Anne SIEGEL   
A selection of lecture notes or communication talks (A. Siegel)
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Modelling biological networks

  • Quelques questions de systèmes dynamiques provenant de la biologie moléculaire [slides]
  • Qualitative response of interaction networks: application to the validation of biological models [french] [english]
  • Bioquali : a dedicated tool for analysis networks (by C. Guziolowski) (slides) (video)
  • Abstract model for the regulation of lipid metabolism. [slides]
  • Analyse qualitative des réseaux biologiques [slides]
  • Réseaux biologiques (formation interne Inria, novembre 2005) [slides]

School on Combinatorics, Automata and Number Theory - Liège June 2009

Topology, Numeration systems, Discrete geometry

  • Rational numbers with purely periodic beta-expansions [Slides]
  • Propriétés topologiques des fractals de Rauzy [slides] 
  • beta-shift and tilings, [slides]
  • Golden number: numeration and approximation of lines [slides]
  • numeration system and discrete geometry [slides]
  • Non unit beta-numeration [slides]
  • Comment remplacer des lettres par des motifs 2D [slides]

Ergodic theory and tilings

  • From pure discrete spectrum conditions to topological properties of self-affine tiles [Slides]
  • Combinatorial conditions for pure discrete spectrum and tilings [slides]
  • Spectral theory for dynamical systems arisen from substitutions [slides]

Cours et diapos Dynamique du nombre d'or, Université d'été Sciences Mathématiques et Modélisation, Bordeaux.

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