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Title DataCenter and HPC R&D Expert Engineer
Address Symbiose
  INRIA Rennes, IRISA,Campus de Beaulieu
  35042 RENNES Cedex - France


During my stay at INRIA/IRISA under the great management of Mr Hugues Leroy, i have developed strong technical background in HPC Systems and Software Engineering; as well as  project management and international collaboration skills. My research work was around : Large Scale DataCenters, HPC, Distributed Systems, Cluster/Grid Computing, Cloud Computing, Software Engineering and Parallel Programming in the domain of Genetics/BioTech/Genomes aka BioInformatics!


Work Experience @ INRIA/IRISA

R&D Expert Engineer specialized in HPC and DataCenters, INRIA, Rennes, France - (September 2005 - September 2008)

Main Activities:      IT Expertise & Project Management

  • Building and Managing an HPC cluster architecture for a Bio-Informatics platform (250+ processors, 16TB NAS&SAN storage, Highly Available WebServers [10khits/month], 100+ Ldap users).

  • Developing and helping scientists to implement their specific scientific tools to run on this cluster architecture.

  • Management of the Architecture environment
  • Supervising internships for undergraduate students in engineering schools.

  • Involved in a European EU-FP6 Project: ACGT (Advancing ClinicoGenomic Trials on Cancer)

    • Participating in the project collaboration and support in the context of a European Grid infrastructure.

    • Participating at the dissemination of the results.

    • Presenting our Grid tool in an international IEEE conference.

  • Participating in the implementation of an  ITIL process: ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System for the team.

  • BioMAJ: a Java Workflow tool for managing, mirroring and processing distributed heterogeneous databanks.

    • Participating at the software specifications, design and use-case scenarios.

    • Managing interns students for the development of a set of modules.

    • Participating at the dissemination of the results and the publications of articles.

    • Presenting the work at different national and an international ACM/IEEE conference(s).

    • Publishing the software under open source CeCILL License. (Software in production in 3 different sites).

Internship Supervising:

July – Aug 08 (2months): Development of a Web Workflow app for managing the user distributed services in a cluster.

Oct – Dec 07 (3months): Deployment of a CMS Web portal application and adapting it for a specific project.

July–Aug 07 (2months): Development of a Java/BitTorrent Peer-to-Peer module to optimize the file download process.

June – Aug 07 (3months): Development of an extended LDAP user management schema, and a Web user mgt interface.

July – Aug 06 (2months): Development of a Java Post-Processing script execution Workflow.

Given Tutorials:

June 2008: "Software Engineering using the Design Patterns Models", IRISA codes & travaux, INRIA Rennes.

April 2007: "Conceiving an IT System using MERISE", IRISA codes & travaux, INRIA Rennes.

June 2006: "Modeling with UML", IRISA codes & travaux, INRIA Rennes.


2006 & 2007: Parallel Programming and MPI (30h) at the faculty of engineering IFSIC of the University of Rennes1.


  • GridR: An R-based tool for scientific data analysis in grid environments
    D.Wegener, T.Sengstag, S.Sfakianakis, S.Rüping, A.Assi

Article published in a special issue of Future Generation Computer Systems, an Elsevier journal, 2008.

  • BioMAJ: A flexible framework for databanks synchronization and processing.

O.Filangi, Y.Beausse, A.Assi, L.Legrand, J-M.Larré, V.Martin, O.Collin, C.Caron, H.Leroy, D.Allouche

Application Note to appear in a future issue of Oxford journal: Bioinformatics, 2008.

  • GridR: An R-based grid-enabled tool for data analysis in ACGT clinico-genomics trials

D.Wegener, T.Sengstag, S.Sfakianakis, S.Rüping, A.Assi

Article published in "3rd IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing" @ Bangalore 2007

  • BioMAJ: A workflow engine dedicated to biological bank management

D.Allouche, A.Assi, Y.Beausse, C.Caron, O.Filangi, J-M.Larre, H.Leroy, V.Martin

Poster published in JOBIM (Journées Ouvertes Bio Info Math) @ Marseille 2007.



April 2007: RedHat Certified Technician (RHCT).

June 2005: Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).

June 2004: Georgetown University English Proficiency Test.


January 2008: PHP Expert.

March 2007: RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE).

2003 - 2005: Cisco Networking Academy Program (CNAP).


GoldenChip Awards 2004’ for «Excellence Award for the Best Locally developed Software for Export» delivered by the Professional Computer Association (PCA), a Java Web platform (based on a MVC model using the Design Patterns) for the development of WEB based Multi-Tiers applications. (Lebanon, September 2004). (http://akwebdyn.sourceforge.net).

IT Skills:
System Administration
(RHEL,MySQL,GFS/NFS,Globus,SSL,Apache,Ldap,SGE,DSH…), Grid Architectures (SMP,SAN,NAS,RAID,PXE…), Parallel programming (MPI), Distributed Environment, Software Engineering (Design Patterns), Software Modeling (UML,MERISE), OO programming (Java, C++, ...), Computer Architecture and Parallelism, Internet and Network architecture, Network security, Graph Theory, Basics of Compilers, Operating Systems, Microchip programming.



Computer and Network Engineering (Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Informatique et Réseaux,GE);

ESIB (Ecole Supérieure d’Ingénieurs de Beyrouth) - USJ (Université St-Joseph), Lebanon.
Ranked First of Class (Major de Promotion).

Interests :

R&D, HPC, HPPAC, Distributed Computing Systems, Fault Tolerance, Cloud Computing, Grid Infrastructure, Grid Computing, High End computing technology, Distributed Storage, Grid E-Billing Solutions.

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